Where Can You Find The Podcast?

Most of you are wondering about our podcast and where exactly you can find our stuff?  It’s quite easy.  There’s three places you can find it.

d20 on TuneIn, d20 on Soundcloud, and d20 on Stitcher.  And coming very soon to iTunes.  So, four places and four possibilities for apps to use to come and find us.  (Except, you may have to use your computer for iTunes, if you don’t have an iPhone, iPod or iPad)

But in all honestly, we’re glad you’re listening to our stuff.  This is a bit of a labor of love for David and I.  Sometimes, it’s just labor to get each other calmed down to get to work…  All the same, though.

Keep eyes peeled here as we get Melissa Chavez and Joy Dawson to actually submit their stuff here.  And former active Marine, Michael Hughey has also agreed to submit some short stories here for your viewing pleasure.  So, big stuff all around.

As we say, please stay tuned, eh?

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