Who We Are

Roulette Productions is a combination of a production company and a media holding company.  The express purpose of this is to give a platform for everyone who won’t be seen by the mainstream media as “viable” to their business.

You may ask, what do we accept into our island of misfit toys?  It’s simple.  If you’re creative, we’ll accept you.   In fact, this is a sampling of who we will help out.

  • Artists
  • Authors
  • Comic Artists
  • Comic Writers
  • Digital Content Makers
  • Game Designers
  • Filmmakers
  • Musicians
  • Podcasters
  • Poets
  • Web Designers
  • YouTubers

If yours isn’t listed here, then it’s simple to send an email to james at rouletteproductions dot com or david at rouletteproductions dot com.

Also, the perks…  You will get an email address with us, access to put up your work onto the front page.  If we think it needs to be featured, then we’ll make sure it stands out on the front page.  Easy as that?  Why, yes it is.

And what does it take to join us?  Just ask.  And for those in the headhunting market looking for talent?  Use our easy to navigate contact form at the link above that says “Media Contact.” We’ll get you set up with the person you need.