Bannon Out.

So, as official as it gets. Stephen K. Bannon has stepped down as the Chairman of Breitbart News. It’s not completely official, as they need to transition to a new chairperson. Yet, anyone could see the writing on the wall since the Roy Moore campaign.

Bannon lost his swagger as a king maker after Alabama went purple. Doug Jones winning that race didn’t do any of the Black Pillers any favors to take out the GOP established members. And the Democratic party gained another essential vote to #resist.

To place this all on Bannon, you would be foolish. Steve Bannon didnt do himself any favors by doubling down on his rhetoric and vitriol. He was quoted in the Fire and Fury book by Michael Wolff (Which David and I are in possession of, review forthcoming.)

He ended up in this situation because of three critical errors:

  1. He overestimated his self worth.
  2. He underestimated Donald J. Trump.
  3. He underestimated the media on both sides.

The media on the right and the left ate his character alive and spat it out. In a way, any sane person can see this parallel the Skeptic community with Kraut and Tea. Only Metokur played the role of Michael Wolff in this sordid affair.

To say it succinct and accurate, every conservative caused this. Bannon wouldn’t play ball, and he is a man apart. This could cause him to disappear. But, I don’t see it. If you studied Bannon enough, he’s not a forgiver.

His revenge will come as early as 2018, or it will come as critical as 2020. He may be the loose Bannon. If he goes to assist the Democrats in killing MAGA, you can only blame yourself as a conservative.

As is said, the road goes on forever…

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