Batman – Creature of the Night #1

What if we got meta for a minute and wrote a comic about real life just for the sake of writing it? Sometimes, a writer comes along and tries to make something nearly fourth wall breaking that’s not Deadpool. However, this book tries the fourth wall and adds in the supernatural, in a sense. Does it make a compelling book?

Kurt Busiek took a minute off of his soapbox for a moment to actually write a story for DC about a young boy named Bruce Wainwright. The story of coincidences between the world of this boy and the Batman comic in his world is almost too convenient and somewhat forced. Honestly, there’s a hell of a lot of wink-wink and nod-nod in the story.

Once you get into the story, you’re going to notice the parallels a bit too quickly. Busiek wrote a decent story, no doubt. However, if you know the Batman story… This book will be nothing new for you. In fact, nothing about the story will be nothing new for you. It’s a rehashed version of that famous origin story written by Bob Kane and his DC staff. (Let’s not start the Bob Kane and Stan Lee debate, it’s old, thank you.)

John Paul Leon does some decent art that harkens back to the Silver Age in these books. So, people from the Bleeding Cool crowd will instantly hate it. The guys from the YouTube community will probably also hate it just to be contrarians. The truth of it is, there is too much overlap between this story and Detective Comics #1 in the Silver Age.

If you’re wanting to give this book a try, I would give it a slight pass. It’s not a must read, but it’s not awful. This isn’t exactly foreign territory for Batman, and it’s just a new twist on a old origin. Again, not bad.

Just leave this on the shelf, there’s much better DC books to read.

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