Birthday Reminiscing

So, I’m 36 years old today, (The day I wrote this. Probably not the day you read it.) and while I try not to feel old. I’m reminded that I’ve seen a lot of shit.  Being born in the 80s, I got to experience rapid shifts in tech and culture.

I remember Apple IIe and five-inch floppy disks holding a less than a single MB to zip drives and CDs. Now, you have thumb drives that are smaller than all of that. They hold millions of time more data than a floppy could ever dream of. The Internet didn’t even exist as a thing most people knew, and now we can’t live without it as we download, stream, and communicate across the world in real time.

I remember having a record and cassette tape for my music. Then, we went CD to digital. Movies have gone from VHS to Laserdisc to DVD to Blu-Ray and now Smart-Streaming. We had 3D via red and blue lenses and the eventual death of the concept entirely. Now, we are back to 3D via subtle glasses.

We had big box TVs with wood paneling that had two dials, and it got a couple dozen channels. Now, we have flat-screens with several hundred channels barely any frame with barely any buttons because it’s the power of the remote! (If you are really fancy, you have the app that makes your phone into a remote)

Hell, when I was a kid, cell phones were so rare that even Hollywood usually didn’t bother acknowledging them. Now, most of us can’t even put it down long enough to recharge the cell phones. And we barely call people on them! This is craziness to my six-year old self.

As far as Presidents: Reagan to Bush Sr. to Clinton to Bush Jr to Obama to Trump. Six Presidents. Think about that for a moment.

8-Bit pixelated with passwords or battery-saves? If you are lucky, every game saves regularly and are in 3-D super-sharp graphics and genres mixed together. Hell, Sonic wasn’t even around when I started playing video games. Mortal Kombat? Years away. Call of Duty? Bro, we had Platoon. Awful, Awkward, never had a sequel Platoon. The rise and fall of Sega, Atari, and when even PC didn’t put games on CD.

Batman went from Adam West re-runs to Michael Keaton. We had bad one-shots from Val Kilmer and George Clooney to Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. Also, the rise of the DCAU where we had a sweet as sin Batman cartoon spawn some of the best super-hero adaptations in any medium.

Wrestling went: Rock N Wrestling to New Generation to Attitude to Ruthless Aggression to PG to… PG-13, I guess.

So, what does this all mean? It means that when I do my regular columns and talk about having seen some shit. I seen some shit, man. When we podcast and rant, it’s because sometimes I look around and don’t recognize this place. I have to stop and chart how we got from Point A to Point B, and I still got years ahead of me. Many good years, according to science.

Hopefully, it means when I celebrate my birthday at 46 and think about the past and the future… I will do so with perspective and wit. When I turned 6 I couldn’t have imagined all of this. 16? Not quite. Even ten years ago, at 26, this was hard to perceive. Hell, I didn’t even know James, let alone fathom starting all of this with him. Writing Novels? A distant dream of a hope.

Happy Birthday to everyone. Have some cake on my behalf. Celebrate and be at peace for one day. We’ll rant tomorrow… Maybe.

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