Black Badge #6

What do you get if you cross Scouts with a Black Ops unit, you get Black Badge written by Matt Kindt, whose story entails Boy Scouts traveling around the world completing missions with whatever tools they are equipped with.

In this issue of black badge chapter 6 we get a flashback to the origins of the pink badge scout group as well as learning the origins around the black badge.

With it we visit the time period of 1946 in the time period of 1972 which shows one of the results of the pink badge group the scouts.

We return to the present we see the pink badges taking the black badge group hostage to which day try to demean the black badges and in the process give them some cookies which have some truth serum in it builder location of one of the missing black badge members.

the cookies work on one of the black badge members twitchy reveals the location of the missing member the pink pages then taking the opportunity to attack the last member and in the process they discover a secret about the last member altogether.

I’ll leave it there for now so you can go check it out yourself.


Story:8.5/10(Totally enjoyed learning more about the back story around the Black Badge Scout Troop alongside with the Pink Badge Scout Troop , was a wonderful addition to the series, I want to learn more about the rest of the groups)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Boom Studios Matt Kindt and the rest of the crew.

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