Bonehead #2 is Amazing

I’m usually a grump towards comics. I’ll admit that I’ve been having a shitty month, as well. However, I got a new email from ComiXology that my pre-order was ready. In fact, I had been waiting this entire month for the second issue to come out. Like that giddy kid waiting on a new edition of Jim Lee era X-Men, I opened up my new file and… I nearly cried.

If you’re wondering why, I’ll be honest and tell you. I was happy to see a comic that was free of the shite dragging the industry down. It was a pure joy to read this book from Hill and Marcellius again, too. Without sounding like their number one fanboy, I’ll run it down for you.

The last issue was left with the Gladiator appearing at Aleph’s shop. He’s still in the shop in this issue, but he removes his mask. From here, we see his similar appearance to Aleph. And the book reveals all. The Gladiator is Hideki Kray. And the controller is his younger brother, Aleph Kray. With this in mind, we also hear the history of how Hideki used to be someone else. (For a hint, look at the cover.)

Hideki realizes that he can’t clean up the city alone anymore, so he unofficially gives his word to support 56. With this in mind, 56 starts tracking down a crew of drug dealers pushing a dangerous new cyber-drug that has left fellow Boneheads in a vegetative state. He runs into his newest fan, Pumpkinhead. After a chase over the city, he ends up bailing out the orange faced Bonehead from being another death statistic.

Afterwards, Pumpkinhead begins to talk to his gang. The gang leader takes his interest in this new Bonehead that resembles his old rival, Blackdeath. From here, we have the anticipated matchup between the Tyrant and 56. And this book builds it all up nicely.

We do know that Hideki was the premier Bonehead (before 56) that became a Gladiator to protect his family. He also holds a sense of duty, but a lot of skeletons as his time as a Bonehead. He also knows 56 is his only salvation to take down the gangs and the government. There are new factors into play here.

This book should remind folks of Mirror’s Edge a bit with the parkour. The element of the Bonehead, though, is pure Shadowrun. (Yes, chummers. I know about that dreking game. Love it, too.) This series is going to take us on that wild ride that 56 has throughout the city. I’ll also admit that I’m pre-ordering book three, as well.

Buy this book, and tell Image and Top Cow that these are the stores WE want.

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