Comic Review: DEATHSTROKE #32

The Seven Waynes

Tehillim29 back again for another Comic Review, this time on DeathStroke, now if people can spend some time away from E3 Conference & the Queens Birthday Weekend, you might be able to enjoy reading a comic.

As we begin into the issue we see Batman once again taking on Deathstroke to stop a Hit he has on The Human Dynamo, who is Ace Masterson at age 82, the discussion between Deathstroke & Batman gets a little heated.
Moving into the next couple of pages we see Slade Wilson with Talia Al Ghul, and also we see Wintergreen too with something he is working on.
Some parts of this story, remind me a little of Batman Incorporated, thrown into a Deathstroke comic,
As the behavior of both Damian & Talia Al Ghul in this seems to make me think even Talia is playing a game with Deathstroke to play on his Psyche & Damian too, knows how deep his mother plays her games, even this one.
It would be wise if Priest kept to Canon within DC & still show Damian will always be Bruce’s Son, with Wintergreen & Pennyworth’s parts in this, I also wonder how their team up in this event will turn out.



Big thanks to my LCS & to DC Comics

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