Comic Review: Raven Daughter Of Darkness #5


Tehillim29 back again to do another review, this time on Raven:Daughter Of Darkness #5.

As we begin this issue, we get the feeling of dark things to happen in this issue & they do.
We continue after the last issue which takes Raven & her mother into a facility of someone who has been wanting them, are these means for good or bad?
Power is indeed central to this issues story, as the person they encounter, wants to be able to connect to Ravens Powers to control the Multiverse.
In this we experience Raven going through a vulnerable struggle alongside with her mother used in a horrible experiment.

I don’t want to give away too much, as that would spoil the story, if this is enough to sparks some interest to buy the issue at your Local Comic Store, go ahead.

I’d like to thank my LCS & DC Comics for this short story.



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