Comic Review:Black Badge (2018) #11

Black Badge Issue 11

Return Of An Unexpected Friend

Black Badge returns in strong form once again in this latest issue, as we return again in following Black Badge troupe as we start the story in Northern California, as Black Badge members are trying to escape a facility to where they were taken captive.

As they advance they are reunited with a friend they thought had died early on in the series, who explains to them that he had to evade The Honor Society that is connected to the White Badges, he shares & points out after they thought he was dead, his new mission was now to keep an eye on them.

Plans go ahead for the Black Badge troupe start to infiltrate a fortress with the help of someone by the name of Hooka.


Matt Kindt has done it again in this awesome story delivery, plus to see the return of a character, who was thought left for dead, which I also enjoyed the idea of Pseudocide Badge to which they earned.

The art certainly brings across the atmosphere in this, as well as the readiness for action, I wonder what the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming would think of this series, it certainly comes across as an incredible spy story, with Scouts Of a Different Kind.


  • Cover:9/10(definitely gels into what happens in the story)
  • Art:8/10
  • Story:8.5/10

Big Thanks to my LCS & Matt Kindt at Boom Studios.

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