Comichron for March 2018 is About on Pace

So, folks. When we look at Comichron for 2018, instead of looking at just 2018… I’ve decided to do what we did last month. Looking at the numbers for the prior five years to give us a bit of a retrospect on what the numbers have been showing over the past five years. This is to give us a bit of unbiased view of how the numbers go. This will start with March 2018. As you can see, three are three books in six figures for this go around.

As you can see, the books expected for the month of March to sell: METAL #6, Doomsday Clock #4, and Amazing Spider Man #797. Weapon H went for five figures which is quite good for a number one. However, let’s take a look next month, when we have the inevitable drop or the surprising stability. So, here’s a bit of a look at March 2017.

This march figure from 2017 shows about a two-thousand book difference in the top 25 between the bottom books. It’s not a bad drop overall. In fact, it seems to be in line. The top books in 2017 are seventy thousand book increase between the top books. Which shows that DC is doing some items right.

The numbers for 2016 are more comparable to 2018. Even though there’s a twenty thousand book gap there, it’s still a bigger difference between this and 2017, which saw a dip. However, the bottom books show a seven thousand book difference.

Top Ten books in this 2015 chart are noticeably Marvel. The other item you’ll notice is that a majority of the books on this list are Star Wars related. This was also the time of the loathed DCU era. So, Marvel didn’t have a lot of competition at that time. While they took over the top ten, as we see above… The Rebirth launch didn’t do them any favors.

As we can see, 2014 was not a good year for comics. Most of the comics have evened out over the past five years, honestly. While comics did see a bit of a drop overall industry, the 8 percent drop isn’t the world’s worst overall. The numbers show that March is a bit of a up and down month, overall. This March is boosted by the sales of the DC special event books. While the bottom books are about a five thousand book drop over the time of five years, the books are usually within the same pace of where March sales are normally.

March sales aren’t the world’s worst at the moment. In fact, the doom and gloom train should go ahead and wait a little bit longer. We’re heading into the 2nd Quarter of the year, we’ll cautiously wait for April to see how the rest of the year is trending. In other words, wait and see is something we need to do.

Patience, young comic padawan. We have another quarter to do this. Stay frosty.

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