Comichron January 2018 Isn’t Looking Good for TBIC

The TBIC is probably looking at the Comichron numbers that came out days earlier than expected. Diamond isn’t too happy. Marvel isn’t too happy. The only company that’s happy? Detective Comics/DC, that’s who. DC has managed to dominate the top ten of the Comichron 500. So, pop in a little Negasonic Teenage Warhead and join us on a journey through the numbers.

So, as you can see above DC has more or less taken the top spots. There is a bit of hope from Marvel. Old Man Hawkeye came in with a five figure return on issue one. This is excellent compared to other writers who couldn’t even get over 4000 on his number one book, and didn’t even make this month’s list. With Ethan Sacks at the storyboard and Marco Checchetto at the pencils, this book looks to be a wild ride which may bring the Old Man universe into the top ten for a while. The chart is also encouraging for Marvel with Venom Inc.

The other superstar is the DC book, White Knight. With Sean Gordon Murphy at its helm as the storyboard man, this book has defied expectations of what the BatVerse can and will be. It’s even brought back readers who supported him from the other side of the aisle with the campaign #MovetheNeedle. Even if only a percentage of fans move that needle, that’s all that’s needed. This is pushing SGM into top five writer status as well.

Kelly Thompson also continues to impress with her showing of Rogue & Gambit 1. This is a niche book, yes. But it’s such a good niche book that five figures is a good showing for it. The other book that’s been praised by this site, Damage, has also shown a strong start for a new take on a reboot. While our friend, Yellow Flash, thinks this book is a Hulk ripoff… It’s a decent book that’s a strong showing for the New Heroes of DC.

The showing of 100 to 109 is not a bad listing, as well. The most notable books here: Legion 1, Hawkman Found 1, Punisher Platoon, and Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows. The other telling tale is Moon Knight. Max Bemis took himself from the Sean Gordon Murphy position to the Jordan White loser position with one comment. It seems telling the people who disagree with you can toss your salad is a bad idea. Who would have thought that? You could go back to being a shitty alt-rock singer and binge on drugs again, Max.

Mariko Tamaki is slowly sputtering her way back to her actual career as a Young Adult Writer. Most She-Hulk fans are probably saying good riddance. The recently released book is a return to the classic buxom green Jennifer Walters. However, this may be too little too late under the Cebulski Shogunate. And with a C-list Batman title selling almost as much, it’s time to say happy trails to Mariko. As we told Gabby Rivera, stay gone.

The decline of Captain Marvel (derisively known as Carl Manvers) is showing in full force. After the changes forced upon the character by Kelly Sue DeConnick, the books have not recovered. A book that was in the mid to high five figures is now sputtering close to the cancellation line. Another book is Black Bolt, written by the much maligned Saladin Ahmed. This run on Exiles will show if Saladin will be staying on assignment at Marvel. The odds are looking at NO.

The bottom half of the former 300, now 500. As you can see, Gabby Rivera has failed the Jhonen Vasquez test miserably. Invader Zim at Oni Press has kicked America into the gutter for the third month in a row. At 200, Go Go Power Rangers by small print, Boom. As you know, Boom are the guys who do the WWE Comic and various promotional books. Also the Battlestar Galactica book by DYNAMITE, BSG Vs. BSG, is kicking America down.

Another amusing note, our favorite heroin junkie (recovered) chef has a new book out. It’s at 220, Hungry Ghosts. Anthony Bourdain isn’t a comic writer. But he’s on Dark Horse, which isn’t exactly a promotional powerhouse. However, Tony has three New York Times Bestsellers. Gabby has a half-assed self insert Young Adult book. Bourdain will be just fine in comics, as he’s a comic character who does keep his virtue signaling out of his books.

Which is a good lesson for you other writers, February may be a bloodbath for you. Tread lightly. We’re here to #MoveTheNeedle.

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