Comichron Numbers for December

Something that most readers of comics should keep up with is John Jackson Miller’s Comichron. He keeps up with the numbers from Diamond’s comic distribution. And for everyone who wants to know how to translate the numbers. It goes as such. Diamond goes by how much a comic shop or bookstore orders for pre-sale. Let’s say a store orders 10 books, Diamond shoves out 20. Which is a bit of a reason that Diamond is so disliked. The other is that it’s a company that needs to be looked at for monopolistic practices.

That aside, Miller does gather up the lists quite well. This op-ed will show a few snippets of what needs to be pointed out. I will also point out the SJW Marvel and IDW books that did fail on the market, as well. December is a month that’s usually a boon for the industry. Instead, the bottom fell out for the market. With enough leisure time in the month of December, you figure that most comic shops would have more pulls. However, this was not the case.

And now, the graphics:

As you can see above, there were only three books in the six figures mark. Only one was Marvel, which is an improvement over last month. Where Captain America was the only book in the top 10, and it was a five figure book.

Two cancelled Marvel books above, while respectable for an independent company… It wasn’t enough for Marvel (and Disney) to keep them up. Neither character was ever strong enough for a one shot. The other fact is that their creators were notorious virtue signal types.

The book that caused a mental breakdown. Margaret Stohl may be an excellent writer, for all I know. But she was ill prepared for the comic critics that reside on YouTube and other avenues. While Bleeding Cool and CBR give her asspats, the actual comic reviewers don’t. And it’s showing in the pre-orders on a book that would get six figures.

Well, Sina Grace. You tried. You really did. Too bad you failed like you usually do. The Iceman story was repugnant and unnecessary. And the buyers knew it, too. Hence, why you’re joining your lesbian counterpart in never working for Marvel again.

Could have. Should have. Would have. Didn’t. That’s the theme for Luke Cage. It could have been good. It should have been good. It would have sold gang busters. It didn’t even crack the top 100. David F. Walker and his politics got in the way. What a shame. And now it’s canceled.

Speaking of Sina’s lesbian counterpart, let’s go ahead and do the Nelson Muntz laugh. When Jhonen Vasquez, who doesn’t give a shit what his sales are, sells more than you. Give up. In fact, don’t come back. Vasquez, who is also quite Latino, is the ultimate nihilist writer and artist. He really doesn’t give two shits about who buys his stuff. Also, America went downward from last month. It barely cracked 8000, now it can’t even get 8000.

It seems that Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare are still bumming around the back offices of Marvel somewhere. The book is pretty insufferable, to be honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it cut in the second round of trimming that’s gonna happen sooner, than later.

Finally, LOLAubrey. Couldn’t even make 4000 pre-orders, now could you? This is lesson one in why you keep your mouth shut about political views when you’re writing a product for a major company. We’ll get three of these insufferable books. Go back and read my review here. The book is terrible, and Aubrey is a terrible human being himself. So, it fits.

And before anyone jumps on the train and berates me for my lack of any written items. I have three books in the works that I want to make sure are perfect. Compared to what some of these hacks do.

That’s the numbers for December. We’ll do this again for January. It might not be pretty, then.

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