Days of Hate #1 – The ANTIFA LARP Book

I managed to spot this book on the usual places. And trust me when I say that the title above is me being nice. Days of Hate is a look into 2022, where the writer suspects the world will go to hell after Donald Trump. This is the worst fears of everyone on the left in comic book form. If you want my first impression of it, it’s good and bad.

The art of the book, honestly, is about part and parcel with the big two. Danijel Zezelj isn’t the worst artist around. And his stuff is about average for the typical Image book. Ales Kot writes a tale of a post Trump world that has seemingly turned to the side of white supremacy in their minds. It follows the misadventures of Amanda, who is a radicalized feminist.

Amanda has made it her mission to ruin the lives of those she considers  Alt-Right/Nazis. While this may get cheers from folks who trumpet this rhetoric on Twitter, the average comic viewer is going to return this book or pirate it to see what it is.

Huian Xing is her ex-wife on the other end. She blames Amanda’s politics for making her the angry and insufferable human being she has become. She does comment in the story that Amanda did the typical Tumblrina tactic of refusing therapy. Which is probably a commentary on how people on the left act.

With the first issue in, you get Amanda killing a man in cold blood due to his political leanings. Of course, she escapes into a car of waiting compatriots. Let’s not mince words, Amanda is a cold-blooded murderer that would be lauded by radicalized Millennials. And she would be berated by Generation X and Generation Z. Honestly, this is pretty much an ANTIFA fantasy in a book.

Bypass this one and go buy a better series set in the future from Image: Bonehead.

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