Dragon Quest III: The End Or The Beginning?

Let us talk about the last game in the Erdrick Trilogy, Dragon Quest III. If you remember, the first DQ trilogy is a bloodline defined by saving the world. We first met the lone hero of Numero Uno. He was the descendant of Erdrick, the first hero of their line. His quest was not to save some villages but the entire world. Then, the trio of descendants in a bigger world who together accomplish what their ancestor did before them. So, what did number three give us?

A Four Person Party that is fully customizable. Four heroes for you, which after this game, becomes the new standard for most Dragon Quest games. What about that customizing? Yes, my children, your main hero can be male or female. Yes it’s binary it’s from decades ago. It’s the best we could do. This was 8-bit era where female heroes were few and far in between. Anyone asking for non-binary characters was a bit much at this point in our culture. So, let’s just move on and focus on the positive. The rest of your party is recruited. In case you forget, they are work-for-hire heroes. Not Heroes For Hire, Marvel owns that. As these are hired recruits, you can pick gender, names and work class for the rest of the group.

Class? Class, you say? This game brought that special shine to DQ games that is Classes. No longer implied based on the character’s pre-made development: Soldiers. Clerics. Mages. Martial Artists. Merchants. Jesters. Thief. Later, you can even change occupations so you can have a Soldier who knows battle magic.. The Jester can become mystic badass that is the Sage. Best part of all, you don’t have to commit. If you try a class and don’t like it… Just go back to the recruitment center, fire them and hire someone else. No Punishment. Make Your Party Of Legend.

Rest assured, folks. You will make a legend. And now… It’s time for the dreaded SPOILER….

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

This is The Prequel! After it’s all said and done, when you save not just one but two worlds you are rechristened with the name of Erdrick. The ancestor you heard about over and over in I and II, if you remember. You were Him/Her all along. Yes, it’s a swerve, but it’s a swerve that works. The legend of Erdrick was so vague in the other games that there is no contradiction in plot. It’s not forced and doesn’t drag down the story.

So, is it a good game? Yes. This is actually the best of the Original Trilogy. Everything old was improved and new features were added all over the place. This gave us the franchise’s first aerial vehicle, which is in every other game in some way. The replay factor is high with the different classes and party combos. Hell, you can even go Hard Mode and not even recruit a party. You can be solo like you were in DQ I. There’s your full circle, if you can manage it. The monster designs are still wonderful and new monsters debut. Great Evil that motivates you to keep playing until all is saved.

The SNES, GBC, and mobile device remakes add that Thief class I spoke of earlier as well as some bonus dungeons and other fun content besides the obvious improved graphics. Get any port you want, but play it. I highly Recommended. And below for your listening pleasure… I pulled up the traditional OSA for you. Enjoy.

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