Drunken Peasants Finally Go Away

Anyone who personally is associated with David or me knows how much that either of us despise T.J. Kirk and his bank of Atheist Skeptic Clowns. So, next to Based Mama sinking Kilroy, we’re getting some enjoyment out of T.J. losing his sandbox. And it’s funny how skeptics are now dropping like flies. One group from the left getting eaten by the other group from the left. It’s almost sad. If it wasn’t so amusing.

The Peasants were a merry band of misfits who would preach the narrative of liberal tolerance and skeptical intelligence. (Neither of which they did or are capable of on their own.) This is also quite noticeably hilarious if you consider the fact that Kirk is the son of a notorious diploma farmer. He has a long history of trying to get something for nothing. And, losing that something due to his utter incompetence as a person.

Take a look at his recent offering:

Except, T.J., Ben does more triggering than your fat liberal atheist (maybe, he hasn’t said anything about that in his quest to get more money) banana loving ass. However, you slice it… You’re going to be seeing a lot more of T.J. Kirk and his pedostache/shitgoatee combo. His vanity project ended up going somewhere. And you wouldn’t believe why:

Yes, that happened. Brett Keane threw out the monster of all accusations and killed the podcast. The kook who runs God Live TV killed a bunch of skeptic fucks. Because it seems Ben can’t keep it in his pants and behind his mask. He is rumored to have nailed DP fangirls, the other girlfriends of the co-hosts and probably random animals.

While I consider the dumpster fire that’s the skeptic community as amusing, I’m getting equal schadenfreude out of this news. Go away Drunken Peasants, forever. Rot in pieces.