Game Review:Uncharted 4(PS4)


For starts I’d like to point out, it has been ages since I last played an Playstation Game, let alone on a Playstation console.

I have presently played this game up to chapter 11, an do plan on finishing it.

This game covers the story of Nathan Drake, along with his brother Sam, as they go treasure hunting for a Pirate Treasure.

The beginning of the game starts us off with us beginning to understand more between Older  & Younger brother, as the eldest teaches the younger the skills he now uses for his Archeology digs & searches in the present.

From Prisons to Towers, they go searching for the treasure of a lost relic, to which uses a symbol of the cross, in this Indiana Jones adventure.


Of what I have played of this game, I have somewhat enjoyed, in some of the tests & trials of the game, come off as very little in challenging to me the player.

I enjoy the story, loved learning about the main characters, plus the villains, if this was an actual movie in cinemas, It would be great.

The game controls took a while to get use to, along with trying to remember which button did what for the character.

I do remain unsure if I would return to another of these games, until I finish this game, that answer isn’t final.


  • Main Characters:6/10
  • Supporting Characters:6/10
  • Graphics:7/10
  • Story:6.5/10

Big Thanks to PS4 & to Naughty Dog

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