Ghostbusters: Answer The Call 3

So, that happened. Yeah, that’s the great dialogue I slugged through. No dramatic villain showing his personality here. He doesn’t even show up in a single panel. There’s not even an earth shattering kaboom. So, what the heck did Kelly Thompson give us in issue three? The nothing burger. I’ll explain.

We get a one page review of the GBs fears. After that, we flash-forward to them just chilling in the diner because “he just let us go“. Writer logic: a flash-forward is so much better. Who wants to see the villain actually taunt the heroes and demonstrate why they are the villain, anyways?

Yes, we got some mook ghosts taken out, as the Ladies go search Schreky’s lab for his diary. Which lets Patti show a second layer to her personality. She doesn’t just snark and be negative, SHE CAN READ! Thank God Patti was there. It’s so hard to find a person who can read a journal.

Sure, their secretary Kevin probably can’t read, but he’s so dumb he engenders the human form X-Pac Heat. (One minute pause while the non-wrestling watching readers Google X-Pac Heat.) Seriously. Fuck You, Kevin.

So, that’s it. Team gets owned so hard we don’t even see the bad guy mock their failure. We don’t even see a gloat as he sums up his plan. Because, Kelly Thompson made the pacing bad.

We see the Girl Ghostbusters (GGB?) mope, get re-motivated with: Psychology 099 about Phobias, bust some mook ghosts in a couple pages, and READ! Seriously, this is bad pacing and filler that shows most mini-series like this should probably stick to four issues instead of five.

Yes, the characters are more tolerable than the movie which is my spin-off adaptation barometer for most things. If it is so bad it insults the movie, it’s badly expanded lore. This rises above many of the movie faults, but as I said in the last review… The characters are still growing their third dimensions that the movie didn’t give them.

This plot isn’t helping. We needed an issue of Schreky going wild and terrorizing citizens to build up the fear of this guy. Is he a threat to the city? Show us. Don’t tell us at the end of one issue, and then talk around him for an issue.

Maybe, Issue Four will be a fun read? See you in thirty days with that one.

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