Ghostbusters: Answer The Call 4 Review

Good news, folks. Answer the Call Issue 4 is better than 3. As I had said last time (and hoped for), Kelly is building upon things and developing these characters. These alternate universe Busters are actually becoming almost enjoyable. It’s okay, Twitter. I said almost.

This issue is all about the strategy to take down the big bad spook dujour. We get trippy nightmare sequences and discussions of psychic warfare and power of the mind. This works when you are going up against a fear demon. It is a pity that you have to trash your super-fancy trademark equipment in the process. This is what is always tricky about these kind of special-class Boss Ghosts. “He’s too strong for the beams and we can’t power them up anymore.” This makes you wonder why this tech is so special. Real Ghostbusters had this problem but they had a few episodes where it was rationalized nicely. So, this is not a huge sin for Kelly here.

We get the forgotten childhood flashback that with multiple perspectives turns out to be this cool prototype meeting of destiny thing. That has become a trope. It’s not an iconic one, and it’s kind of awkward. All things considered, we got one issue left in this story. At least Kelly had some fun with it. She has to build up some anticipation in this issue. We actually got to see our villain this time after missing him in 3.  He’s still a tad two-dimensional.  His plan to turn the world into a nightmare dimension, I get it.

This series really needed a twelve-issue commitment. I feel like even if we had an even six issues for this mini, instead of five. We’d have better pacing and more time for Kelly to shine these movie-turds. Alas, she has to work with what she is given. One five-issue mini means we’ve so far had a lot of much-needed character development (except Kevin who is still useless and an anchor on the franchise. But at least here he’s limited to a couple panels), but the bad side is that we aren’t getting to see the bad guy be really evil. He said he’s attacking the whole city and feeding off their nightmares, but we don’t see it. There’s no time, apparently.

I love Tom Waltz. He does a good job on the whole. But, Schreky feels flat. This is a failure on the part of both writer and editor. I’m hoping Issue Five makes it all worth it. I hope the entire issue is one big fight that lets our villain feel VILLAINOUS! He’s talked about like a serial killer, but he comes off as that creepy guy down the street that leers at your teenage daughter. But, he never actually does anything.

I need some pay-off in Issue Five. Give me a guy to be truly afraid of, right now it’s more like “Gives you some creepy goosebumps”. It’s still better than the movie. Which I’ve decided is the new low standard for GB Lore.

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