Ghostbusters Legion Review: Comic Book Fun Time

*dusts off my seat*

Sorry folks. I know it has been a good long while since I wrote one of these but with the creation of the Friday Ramblings vlog videos a lot of my review ideas moved over there to A/V format. However some things must be done in print and since I started reviewing Ghostbusters comics in print format we are going to bring my written word back from the dead (get it?) for an obscure mini-series. As I described in my video on Ghostbusters Comic History, which you can watch here if you haven’t already: , for a brief period of time a independent comics studio by the name of 88MPH got the rights to produce Ghostbusters comics and gave us the mini-series known as Ghostbusters: Legion.

So is it any good? Is it total trash? More important, how does it rank amidst the various GB Variants across different media?

Yes. No. Lower end of Middle.

Thats right. Legion is better than ATC and its awkward rebootness. Better than the more-cringy episodes of RGB cartoon and its spin-off XGB. Yeah X as in Extreme because it was the 90s. Forgive us, we were young and desperate to be cool and cutting-edge. At least it wasn’t officially spelled X-Treme. We had a little sense. Also why cutting-edge is good but EdgeLord is bad. Is EdgeLord a thing anymore? I feel it should be, because there are still EdgeLords out there.

So anyways… Legion. For long-time embedded GB fans Legion is a read worth checking out if you can hunt down a copy, whether physical or digital. I managed to get some physical copies for a deal/steal. The basic story with as little plot spolieritos as possible is that a man from the past of Egon and Ray (back during their college student days) who has a deadly love/hate relationship with our boys has escaped from the mental hospital where he has resided for years. Having gained the power to summon and control ghosts, the man known as Michael Draverhaven now threatens not just the ‘Busters but the world as his Ghost Legion is not just a veritable army but one with Michaels ability to strategize behind it making the Ghost Legion smarter than the typical busted specters.

Can Ray and Egon face their guilt over the past? Will Michael turn Earth into a Ghost World? You’ll have to read to find out how this story concludes.

Taking place between Ghostbusters 1 and 2 (although using a sliding time scale so it is written in the then real world present of 2004 yet it is less than a year from the first movie) this book does what few comics from any company and continuity do well: Retcon. Michael was never mentioned in any other media, even a reference to an unnamed college student who also studied the supernatural with Ray and Egon. Yet there is no contradiction either because no one said Ray, Egon, and to a lesser extent Peter were the ONLY students during their time who were interested in the paranormal. By introducing someone that was once thought of as a friend we get a rare story that focuses primarily on the pure-hearted Ray Stantz and gives him more depth by having him feel emotional conflicts as well as raises the stakes by having a antagonist who is both human and carrying a personal grudge. Plus you know Michael is seriously disturbed.

The final verdict? Read It. Four issues so it isn’t a major time investment. Art is solid, writing is nice, no real reason to avoid it except that sadly it is stuck in unrelated continuity limbo. I doubt IDW or any new movies will ever reference it. Sad, would be interesting to see a sequel story. That is the risk though with licensed stories. Sometimes they live on their own little island.

See you all next time and thank you for reading.

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