“Hate Speech” is Still Free Speech

I’ll say the title as many times as it takes for those who scream fascist and racist to anyone who says things they disagree with. I have and I will defend your right to say what you feel. I also have the right to tell you that you’re an asshole for saying such things. The case in Burlington, Vermont was thrown out on this basis. The fact that a private conversation was used as a case for the thought police to arrest a student is repugnant and horrible. And yet… we cross into new territory.

Altright.com covered the entire matter in their report. But I’m going to do a small synopsis and break down what you should take away.

According to Burlington CBS affiliate WCAX, in October three students overheard Wesley Richter using “explicitly racist and threatening” language during a private phone conversation with his mother in the library multimedia room. One of them reported him to university officials for hate speech which allegedly targeted “black students and diversity initiatives on campus.” Police then charged him with a misdemeanor count for disorderly conduct. After two months of investigation, Judge David Fenster found no probable cause to support the allegation and dismissed the case.

The reason for the ruling, in a nutshell. The 1st Amendment and the 14th Amendment. The former is quite clear. Mr. Richter has the right to say what he feels, even if you disagree. The latter covers something else very important, due process of law. The State of Vermont infringed upon Mr. Richter’s right to speech by arresting him under a very flimsy hate speech edict. And in fact, this was quoted in the Burlington Free Press.

“From the very beginning, we maintained the University of Vermont, the University of Vermont Police Department, and the Chittenden County State’s Attorney’s Office overextended their constitutional power in this case,” (Ben) Luna added. “The court’s ruling reinforces my opinion that this matter should never have been brought.”

Which Mr. Luna is also correct. This case should not have been heard by the system, at all. Nor should the State have even placed a disorderly conduct arrest on his record. This could open up for Mr. Richter and Mr. Luna to sue the State of Vermont on violation of the 14th Amendment, which would be well warranted on their behalf.

Where I disagree with the Spencer run sheet is this:

There, out in the open we can see the ill-will this lady holds towards Richter, even after he was acquitted of the ridiculous “hate crime” flimsily constructed by a triggered snowflake. Sarah George is out to get students for hate speech, tarnish their image and harass them, no matter formal rulings proving their innocence. Is this really what higher education has become in the United States? Innocent, normal, white male students being haunted by packs of gender-confused nazi hunters and diversity monitors who wait with bated breath in library aisles or bathroom stalls for the slightest whispers of racist speech?

Actually, it wasn’t the Attorney General that should be at fault here. She agreed that she didn’t agree with the case ruling, that is now sealed. And it seems she may retry the case, but she would be on very flimsy ground to do so. But to attack her as a snowflake? Most people should realize that attorneys convict cases on what they feel is enough evidence to go to a trial phase. Ms. George probably felt that, regardless of her agenda.

And while AltRight.com feels that students can go willy nilly and use the courts as a playground for thought police… The truth is actually much more grim for them. Courts throw out cases like this at regular intervals. As seen with Yvette Felarca and her case, where the judge is ordering the BAMN leader to pay her opponent’s legal fees. In this era, the courts are swinging slightly more conservative in most districts out of preservation.

Yes, this is a small victory in its own right. But, let’s not load the narrative. Wesley Richter is still out of college. Vermont is reeling from an apparent attempt to circumvent the Constitution. (Which they helped found, ironically.) And leftists on the Black Bloc side are reeling from the fact they couldn’t silence this one person. Old Uncle Bernie is probably also figuring out a way to condemn a conservative victory in his state.

However, lay off the conspiracy theory. They already think you’re crackpots. Don’t give them evidence of it.

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