How to Kill Customer Bases by Zack Davisson

I’m going into the preface of this article with the fact that I’m not going to defend Richard C. Meyer and his channel. That’s not the entire point of this writing. Nor, would I have to defend the actions of his fans, which are 54000 on a rounded average. I’m not even going to attack Mr. Davisson’s character. That can be left up to you when you see the tweet in question. This is going to be a bare bones business lesson to Mr. Davisson and everyone else who believes the same.

Well, Zack. They actually have stopped reading comics. Yours, that is. Also the comics of Gabby Rivera, Aubrey Sitterson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Nick Snyder, Heather Antos, Dan Slott, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Max Bemis… Need I go on, sir? You mean, I need to? Okay, then. It’s time for economics.

54000 or so subscribers watch Diversity and Comics. I may be estimating a bit high, but it’s enough to say this. You have nearly 3200 followers on Twitter, Zack. Who knows out of those 3200 that actually buy your comics? Let’s also be quite honest, fans who identify as champions of diversity and anti-capitalism suck as customers. And let’s face it, virtue signaling makes no money.

And as an independent artist, you need every reader you can get. Ask Marvel who jettisoned most of their diversity books. Gabby Rivera is bumming around because at last number, 7800 books is unacceptable for Disney’s main office. Heather did better with Gwenpool at 12000. However, let’s go ahead and list facts that people hate.

Comics used to be in six figures. Marvel and DC lately only have three books in that category. And honestly, it took putting Jean’s huge rack back on her body to get that number three listing in Comichron. That’s nice and sad at the same time. More in the fact that her rack probably should have been left alone and not shrunk to please the harpies.

However, it’s goes as such, Zack. Pissing off 54000 potential customers is not a good thing. And if I were your EiC, I would have sent you out the door with your art supplies in a box. Which is what CB Cebulski has done in the face of people that want to deride him for Akira Yoshida. It seems none of them have heard of pen names or having a sense of humor.

But, to be that asshole. This is why you’re still in the B plus league, Zack. Make art, stay off Twitter, and shut the fuck up.

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