IDW Ghostbusters Pre-History Review

For round abouts a decade now IDW has had the license to print new Ghostbusters comics. For most of that time it has been a steady stream of ongoings and mini-series headed by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening with solid editing by Tom Waltz. By and large they are brilliant. Yes I was harsh on ATC before but that was a relative review, still worth reading it as a GB fan.

However today we are going back to the earliest days of the license. When IDW first worked on it there was two unrelated mini-serieses and a series of holiday-themed one shots by various writers. Let us look at them and help wet our whistles for the main show that is the ongoings.

First up we have The Other Side by Keith Champagne and Tom Nguyen. This mini takes more tone influence from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon than the movies as we involve historically famous mobsters who are still in the “import/export” business despite being you know dead. Now it is a great read because you get serious moments including a great moment with Winston and his late first love as well as the fun of men with laser blasters stopping evil ghosts. The camaraderie is there, the humor is on target. Good job guys.

Next up is Displaced Aggression by Scott Lobdell and Illias Kyriazis. Your plot summary is that Gozers father Koza’Rai has come to Earth to finish up Gozers work and gain a little revenge, including sending the GB through time separating them by sending each one to their own era. Brought back together by new character Rachel Unglighter who upgraded their tech the GB unite and through some dumb luck and a lot of hope manage to banish Daddy Koza back where he belongs. It’s a fun mini that shows the intelligence and determination of each ‘Buster as each one kept themselves busy fighting the supernatural throughout time before getting rescued. Cowboy Venkman. ‘Nuff Said.

Now we get to the holiday themed one-shots. First up is a Valentine Day one called Tainted Love by Dara Naraghi and Salgood Sam where Winston gets center stage and we meet a new lady love who manages to show up in the later ongoing series. Continuity Yay!

Halloween comes around and Peter David and Kathleen David bring us a story called What in Samhain Just Happened? where we get a fun story about stage mages and Janine being the hero which is always a good thing to do with one-shots.

Thanksgiving is presented with a ghastly ghostly turkey with Guess What’s Coming to Dinner? by James Eatock and Dan Schoening.

Past, Present, and Future by Rob Williams and Diego Jourdan bring us a new take on A Christmas Carol as a miserly old jerk and the Ghosts of Christmas P,P,and F go to war with the ‘Busters caught in the middle. A neat feature that shows the better qualities of Peter Venkman who is often the butthead of the GB team.

If you’d like to read all of these stories the easiest manner is the one I went with which is the Ghostbusters Omnibus by IDW which collects everything in the order I summed them up with. I’d suggest it as we all wait with great hope for the next theatrical attempt to follow up the iconic Ghostbusters movie. 2020 is the next battle between Hollywood and Fandom. Until then hang with Roulette Productions and IDW as we  keep the gems sparkling.

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