Individual Mandate is Gone, Long Live the Mandate

In a somewhat surprise, Donald Trump has actually passed another campaign promise through Congress. The tax bill has swept through Congress three times and passed all three times. (Note: The House of Representatives screwed up a minor detail that didn’t jive with the Senate. That was passed with corrections on December 20, 2017.) With this in mind, is America winning? Hit the button, won’t you?

As far as the nuts and bolts, The Balance has you covered there. The most important part that we’re going to cover is something that affects a good chunk of Americans: The Obama Affordable Care Act Individual Mandate.

The bill repeals the Obamacare tax on those without health insurance. Without the mandate, the Congressional Budget Office estimates 13 million people would drop their plans. The government would save $338 billion by not having to pay their subsidies. But health care costs will rise because fewer people will get the preventive care needed to avoid expensive emergency room visits.

It depends on which side of the aisle you’re on. The Balance leans a bit left, to be honest. But they also do provide the fairest assessment of how the breakdowns will work. The cost of health care will be debatable for various reasons. The main reason is that some folks didn’t elect to go to the ER or the doctor while under the ACA. Perhaps the $338 billion would go elsewhere.

The Individual Mandate didn’t do as promised to most Americans, sadly. It was a costly measure meant to support the needs of the many. The main issue is that the many are who the conservative and far right Americans don’t agree with helping. The so called welfare state and illegal interlopers. And to understand how conservatives think, use the theory by Arnold Kling who states:

Conservatives run on a civilization-barbarism model to government.

With that in mind, the average right thinker saw the Individual Mandate as a slap in the face against the medical industry. They saw Obama shoehorning in Socialized Medicine into a model that was already facing severe issues. While they don’t see health care as a right, they do see it as a business model that’s essential to maintaining civilized culture. Hence, when Trump promised to take away the mandate, they were on board with him. The other group that was also on board are Libertarians, who run on a freedom-coercion model.

Most Libertarians saw the ACA Mandates as government instituting nanny-state politics on a system that doesn’t need such items. You will probably see such figures as Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) praising this repeal because of his personal stance towards government intervention. In a nutshell, he would see the repeal as government stepping away from policing the hospitals and letting the market do what it should.

Of course, the Liberal side sees this as a sign of Trump “oppressing” those who “need” healthcare. Running on the oppressor-oppressed scale, they see this as more marginalization towards minorities who were probably not inclined to even get insurance to begin with.

With all sides in this battle and the conservatives and libertarians in victory mode, 2018 will prove to be interesting as we see how the tax plan truly rolls out. And the final ruling, as shown here.

Bring the helmets kids, he’s not done yet…

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