Is Journalism Dead?

With the latest hit piece on Comicsgate/MoveTheNeedle penned by Rachael Krishna of Buzzfeed, it certainly seems like it, doesn’t it? It seems that anyone with common sense would abandon the world of journalism in this current time. The first amendment is constantly under attack by people who don’t understand the concept on both sides. Every single day, journalism is substituted for virtue signaling.

Journalism used to be where people like Edward R. Murrow would expose the lunacy of the current time. While people say that he caused what we see today in culture and journalism by killing McCarthy’s time in the Senate, Murrow did what he felt was ethically correct in his writing. He saw a man using his governmental power to bring in the undesirables to heel. While a good percentage may have been the precursor to the modern day ANTIFA/Red Way, others were just cannon fodder who refused to play by his rules.

Journalism could also harm the American spirit. No Vietnam Veteran has truly forgiven the spirit of Walter Cronkite. His images were showing the manufactured horror of the Vietnam War. He brought images of soldiers brutalizing the people of Vietnam. However, it’s been known and said that Cronkite produced a half-truth. It’s also known that Cronkite was heavily left-leaning, almost to the point of Socialism. Cronkite’s young career was certainly almost threatened by the McCarthy hearings. And yet, he didn’t learn the hard lesson from them.

Dan Rather was known as the most relevant newscaster of the 1980s and 1990s. Dan was very left leaning in his politics like Cronkite before him. He projected various takes from his leftist point of view about Grenada and the First Gulf War. However, the land had changed for the journalist. Technology was getting better. We had seen our first war live on Cable Television. The world had changed. We didn’t have a sanitized vision of what they wanted us to see under George H.W. Bush. He gave us access to Gen. “Stormin'” Norman Schwartzkopf. And the Stormin’ general gave us something we never saw before. A soldier with swagger.

Rather’s influence (along with Tom Brokaw’s influence) waned in the 2000s for a reason. We saw revolutionaries like Andrew Breitbart, Ariana Huffington, Matthew Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, etc. The people considered on the exact fringe of journalism became something else entirely. Drudge was known as the man with that slimy text based Internet site that muckraked information from Washington only meant for insiders and lobbyists. Drudge was the man who created the Starr Report in Alpha testing, because he was the man who exposed the office affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Drudge had unintentionally created a revolution with this slimy text based Internet site, now known as the Drudge Report. From Drudge, was born sites like Gawker Media, Huffington Post, Breitbart, etc. Site that went into the media halls without access or much favor. The old guard tried their best to take down the sites that wouldn’t play by their rules. This was focused squarely on Breitbart, as a whole. They also made sure that Gawker wouldn’t get an easy ride, either. HuffPo was given a head more favor, as the site shared the general politicking of the rest of the old media.

However, the world couldn’t stop Pandora’s Box. With the advent of the Internet in the late 2000s to current times, anyone with a stable connection, enough to pay a monthly hosting fee, and a reliable Content Management System could become a journalist. It’s certainly how Buzzfeed and VICE got their breaks, right? It’s also how Bleeding Cool got its break before it bent over for Avatar Press and took it in the Internet Black Hole.

The question you ask now. Is Journalism Dead? Traditionalist journalism is on life support. Gathering the facts and notating everything in this modern era is pretty close to dead. With various links on the Internet at your fingertips, nobody has to do the hard numbers like they used to. The era of the Hot Take is alive and well, though. Anyone with a website and an opinion can certainly get on their soapbox and spout off a wrong opinion all damn day.

The campaign that’s still ongoing against Ethan Van Sciver, Jon del Arroz, Jon Malin, Howard Chaykin, Dan Jurgens, Will Caligan, etc. That’s a result of the current outrage culture among Millenials combined with disingenuous Generation X leaders. The beta male, as they’re called. The folks that are relegated to mediocrity because that’s all they know. It’s not the lifestyle the writers of this site know.

If journalism is dead, I’m performing necromancy on it. I will make true journalism the scariest zombie that the Internet has ever seen. Hot takes have their place. We will have them. However, the hard story is king. The honest review is king. The truth is ugly and sharp. The truth is king. It always has been.

Journalism needs a fucking Phoenix Down. I need your help. We can do this. We have done this. We are the new media.

Let’s get to work.

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