I happened to find this book on a lark, honestly. As a part of a search for the unknown books, I saw this on a highlighted book listing on ComiXology. The digital firsts section is usually a good place to find your independent books if you don’t want to give your money to the big two. It’s the way that I found my first reviewed book, Chasing Hitler.

Joon is one of those books that caught my eye on first glance. The price point was quite well, actually. I also figured out something when I saw the book. This book was a one woman show. In fact, this is almost unseen in comics these days. A one woman show of: inking, coloring, penciling and lettering. It’s definitely a sight to see these days in digital comics.

So, I’m going to give you a bit of journey inside her world. It’s a journey inside the scorched Earth that remains in the aftermath of a mutant nation burgeoning.


Joon is one of the survivors of a floating ship that has sunk into the Earth long ago. As a result of this, her eyes glow in an unnatural blue-white shade that she has to constantly keep covered. With this, Joon lives a bit of a hard scrabble life as a junk collector. Occasionally, she has to deal with the last few remnants of humanity. It doesn’t always go well.

She has dreams of the time that she was on the ship, when her life was well. However, during her time of junking with her robot… She is taken forward into another dimension. Inside the dimension, she sees items inside her dream that kept haunting her. The dreams of a room that keep her mind racing. They tell her that she’s in danger from forces unknown to her.

As she’s thrust back into the cursed Earth, the chase begins for the girl of energy…

the Verdict

Joon was a surprise for me. It’s a beautifully written story. It’s a beautifully drawn story. The lettering is quite lovely. For an all digital story, you have to appreciate the story that Kelsey Kaperski has made. It’s a story that I think more people should see. In fact, even if you’re a purist… Check out some digital books like this one in the hopes that they can become a floppy to collect. Kelsey needs some love.

Check this book out, folks.

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