Maclean’s Is a Day Late, a Dollar Short, and Gets it Wrong

There has been a recent article by Maclean’s that is par for the course in Liberalized Canada.  Joshua Ostroff has made sure the he placed in all the trigger words to get the crowd riled up for his current cause of the moment. The article is question is talking about the current movements in comics against convergence of values. It’s loaded with a lot of word salad, as can be expected from the feelings before reality collective.

Joshua wrote about how in his words, “The culture wars come to comic books.” He starts off the lede of the article with a loaded sentence.

Marvel Comics is experiencing a wave of anti-diversity, ‘Comicsgate’ backlash, wielding blacklists and harassment—and it might be working.

It shouldn’t take you very long to see where the loaded language is inside this lede. In fact, he makes it quite obvious. The use of this type of lede is where most disingenuous authors are lining up to present the hit piece. And neither side is innocent of this practice. From HuffPo to Breitbart, every site with an agenda starts off with a very loaded lede to their articles. The more loaded the lede, the broader the hitpiece is going to be.

Even as Marvel’s Black Panther shreds box offices and stereotypes on the strength of enormous visibility for people of colour and its progressive politics, the comic book industry that inspired it has come under attack by a reactionary movement waging war on diversity.

Using that loaded language in the thesis of the article to start, Joshua wants to paint a picture that everyone is in their trenches with their flags at the ready. Maybe on the side of the iconoclast, they’re always ready for a fight with someone. When in reality, that side is always with one finger on the social media block button. It doesn’t matter the age, from Tamra Bonvillain to Larry Hama. Anyone that’s left leaning these days is ready to hit that block button.

When you look inside his article, you’re going to see something else that’s actually missing from his statements about any opposing movement to diversity. You’ll find that there’s not an actual quote from anyone doing the harassment that he’s claiming happens. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen. There’s quite a lot of trolls in the Comicsgate movement. A portion of the bigger names in the movement have to disassociate themselves from those names quite frequently. Yet, not much is cited.

Another point that Joshua tries to make in his favor:

We don’t actually know what comic book “unit sales” are—the reported numbers are actually the orders that were shipped to comic shops, not sold by them, and publishers don’t release their digital sales numbers. This makes success determined by store-owner predictions and what their customers ask for, and if potential new and diverse fans aren’t even aware these comics are available, they’ll die on the vine.

Which is something that should be investigated more each day. The opposing side says that one factor or another is killing comic books, not intersectional politics of the creators. And yet, when you ask them about the numbers of the books, they cannot give you the proper answers. The companies keep those numbers close to their chests. It’s maddening for both sides, as well. The traditionalist side wants the numbers to prove to the iconoclastic side that their books are not selling, period. The iconoclastic side wants the numbers to prove to the traditionalists that the companies are canceling the stories to bow to them.

At best, Joshua Ostroff’s article is screeching. There isn’t any one sided harassment in this story. As much as he claims Comicsgate has harassed people, the other side has engaged in equal harassment against YouTubers, Creators and Writers against them. If people want to figure out the actually story, Maclean’s isn’t going to give you that story. Rogers Canada has the Trudeau agenda. Remember, Maclean’s has to obey their master. Expect more opinions like Joshua’s from them…

Just remember, it’s always a day late, a dollar short, and always wrong.

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