Manga Review: Assassination Classroom Vol 1

Assassination Classroom Vol 1

Killing Time in homeroom

To start off I was actually a little hesitant if I wanted to check out both the Manga & Anime on this series, if it wasn’t for a review of it by a staff member at my main LCS I go to, I probably wouldn’t have checked out this title.

Time to review the 1st chapter in this 1st Volume in this series.

We start this chapter in Class 3-E, seeing the class sitting in their seats, the teacher which is an alien that gets the students to stand for the pledge, moving into the 1st splash page, we see every student armed with a gun aimed at this alien teacher, cocked & ready, jumping into the next pages they begin to fire their weapons at the teacher, who says “So I guess we’re not doing the pledge then”, he starts to read out from the attendance book to see who is present.

The teacher mockingly indicates how happy he is that he managed to miss being hit by any of his students, after talking to his students, we soon find out, this is an assassination classroom, no pun intended because of the title & the target is this alien teacher.

We then start to get our origin story as to how this all started, from a part of the moon being disintegrated by the alien who is also their teacher for the classroom & how it became the goal of the students in the classroom to assassinate this alien creature.

I’ll leave it their.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to Yusei Matsui of Viz Media.

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