Money For Nothing

Between the audio and the written word, my co-owner and I have touched on finances. He’s no Richie Rich, and I definitely don’t have the bank balance of David Hasselhoff or Copperfield. Hell, I can’t afford to pay attention, hence him posting more often than me.

However, we don’t believe in socio-political concepts like even distribution of wealth, rampant government aid, and people Deserving It simply because they are citizens. Jobs aren’t a guarantee, free higher education for all ain’t going to happen, and no one deserves free parcels of land.

Buuuuut…. I do play the lottery. I have gambled in casinos. I daily dream about a quick fortune. It’s not because I believe it’s My Due. It’s not because I desire to be Scrooge McDuck swimming in my money bin. I don’t want hundreds of millions from the Mega Power Jackpot.

I just want to get by doing what I love. I love writing, creating stories and worlds. I love doing our podcasts where I can speak my mind. My wish is to hopefully influence a few people to re-think how they treat their neighbors and themselves. I’d love to do it full-time while living in my own apartment or even small home. With my cat of course, who dedicated fans know as Betsy-Boo the Voyeur Kitty.

I don’t seek free bling, I don’t seek so much money to toss around and spend it on foolish pursuits everyday. I just don’t want to do a job I dislike, so I can scrape together enough pennies to barely survive. I have no problem with the government helping you buy food, because not everyone can have a C.E.O. salary. I hope you try your best to make what money you can for yourself while getting a little aid.

None of us have a Constitutionally Mandated Right to a well-paying job, we are promised a fair opportunity to earn that job. It feels horrible when you can’t make it happen but if you give up trying and just blame Hateful Society for holding you down… I gots no sympy for ya. I struggle, I sweat, I loathe myself and curse my luck. I dream of that jackpot.

I still go to work. I still try my best. I still hope the blogs, podcasts, or even a novel one day blow up huge. I don’t demand society pamper me and make my life easy, I just figure if we are going to live in a society where fortunes can be made overnight I might as well try. I just don’t sink every penny of my paycheck on those scratch-offs.

Dream big. Chase That Pot O’ Gold. You should remember while you are hunting through the wilds for that rainbow’s end… stop and snag a hare and some fish so you don’t starve for your dreams.

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