Money Morality

I get it folks. I really do. I’m an individual. Each person reading this is an individual. We like individuals. It’s easy to understand a person because you are a person. Because you understand a person’s struggles and desires and wishes.

The thing is an individual can be an asshole. Go ahead look around your life. You know at least one asshole. Probably several if you are a social kind of person. It’s okay though, that’s just life.

Corporations are scary. Full of huge numbers of people, most of whom you never see. They never approach you as an individual, just “the company”. Often the ones you meet are the bigwigs as the phrase goes. Big Wig. No one likes that image in the modern century. A Big Wig. Looks tacky. Often the bigwig wants to make lots of money. They make money by you giving them money. Well we don’t like that. We work hard for our money, we don’t want someone just… SITTING THERE taking it. Just sitting at that nice desk in their plush chair thinking about OUR money. In Their Pocket. Screw That Shit! Screw That Big Wig! Greedy S.O.B!

That’s Murica! Hard-working not-so-rich people are honest!….. Um…. is every individual though hard-working? Is every Big Wig just greedy?

Yeah this is not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us Dende.

Worst part is when you add in the Artist. The Artiste. So Deep and Spiritual. So Creative. So Free. They just want to make something beautiful to enrich our humanity.

Well that’s great if you’re poor and growing your own food. Dispersing your art for free. Second you charge a penny? Game Over. You’re In Business. You’re profiteering off your talents. Hey no judgement, I did it. I’d like to do it some more. I would do it every day if I could. Chant SELL OUT! at me, I dun care. It’s always worked that way. Barter system. So where does that leave us? Well eventually The Artist meets Big Business. Directors get cred on the Indy Festival circuit and a big studio comes a-calling. Their Vision! Edits happen. Script changes occur via upper management. Sucks right? Damn the man right?

Why? Because the vision is compromised? You want an uncompromised vision? Go watch 1999 WCW. Go watch 2000 WCW. Notice there was no 2017 WCW. Or even 2007 WCW. Hell there wasn’t a 2002 WCW. The Artiste and his Vision killed it. Because the people who have learned what works and what doesn’t. What people want to see to the point they will support a product. You should probably listen to them every so often. Sometimes artists don’t have a grand vision. Twin Peaks was being made up as it went along, seriously the interviews are out there. and Lost? Yeah that last season is still confusing people and being mocked by other people 7 years later. The Vision needs glasses sometimes and studio heads can and often are those glasses.

“But Mr. Ranter… Big Box Retail kills Mom and Pop!”…….. Shut Up. Mom and Pop were killed by Thee and Thou. Starshmucks and Wally World. Oh and everyone’s favorite McMeal. They don’t wreck the competition until you and I as individuals….. stop shopping at Mom and Pop. We want our dollars to stay in our own pocket. So pound for pound we go where the value is. We follow the savings while bemoaning all the local stores shutting down around us. But we don’t blame the individual. We blame The Corporations. Greedy! Curse Them!

It’s our fault though. We choose the value. We choose the Baysplosions because sometimes artsy-feely isn’t what we want. Us individuals go with what works and what works was found out by those Lame Big Wigs a long time ago. They aren’t wrong for giving us what we want at a price we can’t argue with. We know the Big Company wants our money, no lies are told to us. Slick Marketing maybe but that’s another Dangerous Idea for another day. I’m at fault, You’re at fault. There is no evil in the equation of making money as long as you aren’t breaking the law. Speaking of that. Most crime? Not done by Kingpin and his Mafioso Empire. Nope, done by individuals looking for a quick buck and Damn The Rules. Those giant conglomerates started as Mom and Pop and we shoudn’t be so Jelly that we resent their success and brand them Evil. Do some go too far? Yeah and the courts make them bleed for it. Thing is small time shops can scam too.

So whose evil? None of us are. Or all of us are. Don’t pretend your buddy with the small storefront wouldn’t take all your money if s/he could. Don’t pretend the artist’s vision is always worth looking at, sometimes an artist is a pretentious jerk just trying to take your dime.

We’ll talk about this more later. Contemplate that next time you grumble that something was ruined by “those megacorps”. It’s not that easy to be honest about The Blame Game.

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