So, I’ve been keeping up with this series for a bit. I was turned on to the series by Feisty, who is always on the pulse of the comics industry. (More ways than you folks know, and I’ll keep it that way.) She mentioned this book to me during a show we did, when I was more frequent on live streams. This is a special event series, and we’re over halfway through it.

No Justice, as a whole, has been hit or miss for me, honestly. I was hyped for this DC event, I really was. However, the series looks and feels a bit rushed. And it’s nothing against Scott Snyder at all. He’s a talented writer, overall. In fact, I recommend his stuff nine times out of ten. Yet, this book has just been slightly off for me. I can’t put my finger on why.

So, let’s begin in earnest on my thoughts on the book, so far.

Snyder is good at long form writing, in fact, he’s a top writer most of the time. However, this book is basically a short transitional event. It’s good for what it is, right? Not so much. This book left you with some WTF moments when you read it. So, here goes, shall we?

Oliver Queen has his arrow pointed at Amanda Waller, who’s partially responsible for this mess from issue one. The energy trees are growing weak on Colu. They have Vril Dox trying to explain to them how Amanda Waller just screwed them over. The teams are suddenly “clicking” with no explanation. Hold up. Time out. Let’s slow down.

Earth is still fucked. Let’s not get that confused. Waller and Ollie are still arguing. The teams are more of less bumbling along. The energy trees are also growing on Earth. We’re all doomed. The Titans are at the door already! This all sounds convoluted to you? Don’t worry. It did to me, too.

I’m normally not a guy that’s going to disagree with a direction, but I’m going to now. DC should have given Scott more issues to flesh this out, instead of making it a cup of coffee transition event book. However, we have to race Marvel and their re-re-re-re-reboot. So, this book suffers. It suffers big time. And don’t put that blame on Snyder.

If he were given more time, issue three may have been much better. However, since it passes Bleeding Cool‘s low standards… It’s not a good book. It’s really not. In fact, I’m going to tell everyone to hope for the best in issue four this coming week. Snyder is much better than this, he really is. And the real injustice here…

DC, as a whole, can do much better than this. It’s a fun mindless book at the start. At the current point, it’s a confused mess. If this is the direction it’s possibly going in, go ahead and wait for a trade paperback. I’m going to give this one a hard no, sadly.

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