NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Live Thoughts

That’s right folks. it’s time, it’s time, it’s NXT TIME! Takeover is on N O W and these are my thoughts as I watch each match that showcases the best of the future of WWE. So let’s get to it.

Live Band plays Metal. Skilled but in the end it’s a live music concert on my wrestling show. Time Filler.

We are starting with the six-man ladder match for the NXT North American Championship which is the brand new belt. Six folks including the debuting Ricochet and EC3 wrecked each other in glorious fashion but in the end the man who scaled the ladder and claimed the championship is Adam Cole BAY BAY! Not my pick to win but after losing some big matches over the past several weeks Adam needed this big win to stay as a threat to the roster.

Women’s Championship is up next. Ember Moon defending against Shayna Blaszer. Ember gets a live entrance theme before the war with the MMA Mistress. These two are fighting hard and mean but Shayna wins the championship after locking on the Clutch after countering Ember Moon’s Eclipse and refusing to let go. I didn’t care who won this match as I’m neutral on both women but it was well done with Shayna sticking to her submission game and wearing down Ember Moon.

Triple Threat Tag Match for the Tag Team Titles and The Dusty Cup. All three teams work hard and take each other out in turn though champions Undisputed Era is hampered by Adam Cole’s earlier ladder match damage. Adam Cole spent most of the match D.O.A. thanks to a table crash thanks to the Authors Of Pain. Alas for the big bruisers, Roderick Strong turns on his partner and gives the win to the defending Undisputed Era and joined the group. Shocking and sad for this fan. I’m hoping AoP and Dunne give Strong some payback.

Time for the NXT Championship to be decided. Adrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina are ready to go to war with Aleister Black. Both men tore each other apart and Zelina kept herself noticed at ringside and even got physically involved. Alas Zelina got outsmarted and Black took out her and Almas to claim the NXT Championship. Fun match that was just the right length. Be interesting to see where Almas and Zelina go from here.

Our main event is the unsanctioned match between Johnny “Mr Wrestling” Gargano and Tommasso “Black Heart” Ciampa. Gargano has to win to get his job back in NXT. These two beat the piss out of each other and went good old-fashioned hardcore style. After a brutal war, Gargano wins. Good win, fans are happy and the story of good over evil triumphs today.

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