Of Comics and Videos…

This post is going to be something that we’ve needed to write for a while. We’re not abandoning the site. Don’t worry. There’s some articles here that are much better in the written form. We’ve discovered that we do have a stride with comics. As such, that’s what we’ll stay with now. As far as our shows go, those are going to be the same everything/nothing flavor that you know and love.

I’m primarily going to be doing the videos of comic reviews on YouTube. I’m not expecting to make money off of it at all. I’m not even expecting to make money off Patreon.  All that I’m expecting to do is to get some shit heard by the regular comic book fans. At first, we were taking a left/right stance. Then #MoveTheNeedle hit.

This idea that comics are for everyone is the primary idea. It should be the primary idea. Yes, Diversity & Comics did start off the movement. There may be people that are within the community that are salty at him for this. They think that he’s using it to hoist himself above the rest of the community. I’d say he isn’t, for this reason… What would have have to gain from it?

D&C is essentially not getting into the big two until the root causes of the issues are taken care of. Hegelian thoughts that are infecting the left, bringing the following…

  1. Intersectional -isms.
  2. Racism disguised as diversity.
  3. Misandry disguised as feminism.
  4. Transtrenders yelling over actual transgenders.
  5. Creators insulting and making obscene comments to their customers.
  6. Infighting among creators causing cliques to designate themselves as gatekeepers.

These are all issues that are in the way, among many. It’s not going to get better unless the bad books suffer in sales due to being bad. At the same time, the good books need to be found. #MoveTheNeedle is helping. There is more work to be done.

Videos are a call to arms. Voices are instruments of change. Your wallet is a guided weapon. Your loyalty of comics is a light. Remind the companies that their creators are behaving badly. Remind the writers that you help pay their checks.

The final thought. There is no right book to read. If the writer or artist is acting like an ass, don’t give them a dime. Find an artist that’s good to their customers. Find a writer that’s good to their customers. Don’t look at their politics. A new friend of ours, Patch Zircher (Yes, the guy that Rich Johnston libeled), is probably one of the better artists and human beings around. And I’m personally glad we talk. We may not agree on politics, but we agree to disagree.

If politics are the issue, then buy for the story. The story is what the actual product is. Well, the exception is Mark Waid and his Trump Derangement fantasies of a post-Trump world in Captain America. That’s a bad product all around. Also, Mark may need a trip to the funny farm. Dan Slott can join him, too. I digress.

The videos are here to stay. Everything will be linked together, too. David and I are adjusting our lives and priorities. But, we thank you for staying around and reading. We’ll see you soon.

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