PC Isn’t Profitable Comedy

As far as first posts go, I always have a doozy when I write anything. But look at the title. There’s a reason for it. We’re going to look at the very sad case of PC comedians trying to make themselves more relevant than they actually are. And you folks should remember Maddox (known as George Ouzounian to the IRS.)

Maddox used to be the premier offensive internet personality back in his day. In fact, he wrote three books about many of his offensive diatribes. Those selections: The Alphabet of Manliness, I Am Better than Your Kids aka Crappy Children’s Art, and F*ck Whales: Petty Essays from a Brilliant Mind.

I wouldn’t give George any money, though. Our Armenian hack ended up doing what many others who fall into the SJW trap do. He’s doubled down tremendously. In fact, if you’re wondering how… I can refer to a show he used to do with comedian, Dick Masterson. They called it “The Biggest Problem in the Universe.” And it was successful, until Dick got too big for Maddox. (Stop giggling, dammit.)

Dick and Maddox had a falling out for two reasons. Dick supposedly put his into Maddox’s ex. Also, Maddox picking up a new danger hair girlfriend. Nothing wrong with getting laid, unless she wants you to read the Alinsky Rules for Responsible Radicals… Which the fans voted with their wallets in this matter. And how…

Dick Masterson’s numbers for Patreon

Maddox’s Numbers for Patreon

If you don’t see the Biggest Wage Gap in the Universe, I can’t help you. Using plain math, Dick is earning nearly 100 times the revenue that Maddox is per month and has 158 times more patrons than George. Which means, Maddox is learning a harsh lession. Political correctness isn’t profitable comedy. It’s detrimental and dog shit boring.

And Dick has been run out of the comedy clubs in completely PC Los Angeles. Although, you fair reader, already know that doesn’t mean spit anymore considering that Hollywood is currently burning. With all of the virtue signal people from Harvey Weinstein to Senator Al Franken getting slapped with sexual harassment allegations… May as well be entertained by the Panem et Circenes of the left. They appease themselves by thinking anyone with wrong thinking is wrong and will achieve a state of irrelvancy.

The problem is, Dick is making more money saying what you don’t want to say. As seen, he’s making hand over fist with his non political and unsanitized comedy. Which brings up to something that Vox Day lists in his recent books. He offers a series based on three ethos: SJWs Always Lie, SJWs Always Double Down and SJWs Always Project.

Why bring up Vox’s three ethos? Because George is going under Rule 2 with Dick. He’s doubling down and suing Dick, Patreon, and big sponsors of Dick’s show. He also lists a Jane Doe, which is actually M3taljess (who has a TRO against her from Dick’s girlfriend.)

What does this lead us to? Maddox is broke. His girlfriend has a restraining order against her. And let’s face it, Maddox is prime lesson that PC isn’t profitable comedy. I’ll end this with a “To Be Continued” after we find out the ridiculous result of George’s lolsuit.

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