Publisher’s Notes – March 21st, 2018

This will be a brief note, as it goes. Today, we’ve added another writer to the staff. Recommended by Switchpoint, we’ve brought on MoonSimply as another reviewer to the fold. Moon is a younger writer with loads of potential. I’ve edited his latest offering, and you’ll like it quite well. In fact, I’m impressed, as a whole.

What does this mean for me? I’m going to do more video reviews on what I buy, yes. It also means I can step back into the Publisher/Editor in Chief role. I’ll publish content, for sure. But it will be the harder hitting editorial pieces that you have seen lately that have been lauded by Douglas Ernst and That Umbrella Guy.

I’m excited that Moon is on board, and that we’ll have room for more soon. When David and I restarted this site… We did it with the intention that we will be better than Bleeding Cool and CBR. With that goal in mind, this young writer is one step. If you’re also a writer wanting to be seen, we would love to have you. Just remember this one rule… The story is your child, be proud of it when you’re done. Flaws and all.

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