Robocop: Citizen’s Arrest

RoboCop is an American icon. This part we cannot deny anymore. It’s an icon from the mid 80s that’s stood the test of time in lore. The Paul Verhoeven classic has been made into video games, TV shows, comics and remade movies. While we’ve got a renewed interest in OCP-001, BOOM! Comics picked up the license for the books. And with a writer that’s got every “social justice” talking head in conniptions, this is probably a book that’s must see. Let’s debunk everything on the table and educate about the book, shall we?

The Writer

Let’s go ahead and let out the elephant in the room. Brian Wood is the writer of this book. His history is marred by a sexual harassment charge thrown at him by the much maligned artist, Tess Fowler. While fake news reporters, like the currently forced to work Kieran Shiach, seem to be up in arms about this… Let’s face facts, shall we? Brian had an up and coming career with great stories like DMZ and Briggs Land. He’s a great writer all around, too. Brian can write compelling stories all around.

Tess Fowler’s accusation kept him out of the big two companies for a while. However, he didn’t completely quit. He ended up biding his time and writing stories until BOOM! gave him this story. It’s the right vehicle for Wood, honestly. Wood pulls out the elements of the Verhoeven humor that made vintage RoboCop so damn great. In fact, this book is quite anti-SJW. This is in the face of those who think this book is SJW.

The Artists

Jorge Coelho draws up a gritty future Detroit. As you will see, OCP hasn’t really changed its stripes at all in this future after RoboCop 3. He draws decaying urban sprawl quite well. The colors are muted. The art is gritty. This isn’t a bright and cheery comic at all. From the art of showing the various technologies to the decaying buildings, this isn’t a very nice future at all.

Nimit Malavia also draws you in with a very drab drawing that shows the glory days of Alex Murphy. This is the very RoboCop that most 80s kids grew up with. The mighty iron figure that had three prime directives guiding him. The lethal gun that put away dangerous criminals from Clarence Boddicker to Cain the drug lord. The cover pulls you in to a lie that sets you up for the disappointment of the future.

The Story

OCP has been reborn since the Otomo disaster in RoboCop 3. A new CEO. A new twist on an old maniacal plan. Delta City, the city of the future. It will come at the cost of a decaying Detroit. As a bit of revenge for their part in assisting Alex Murphy in their past failures, OCP has shut down the Detroit Police Department. The story tells the story of an African American police graduate who finds himself out of a job two hours after he becomes a father. The new OCP CEO promised to “root out corruption.”

Instead, it’s a simple plan of revenge on his part against the police and the city. From here, the resistance starts in earnest. This unemployed policeman goes five years taking odd jobs where he can, but he’s also on the search for the legendary Alex Murphy. The rumors are that OCP have “retired” the old OCP-001 and made him useless. The new regime pulls out an app that makes the citizenry into the role of judge and jury.

Mechanical officers who obey a mandatory application that the citizens have to pay for, or else. The officers arrest people for major crimes like murders witnessed to minor petty revenge crimes like jaywalking. The app was borne of good intentions, but like all things given to the crowd, it can be abused. This is the future of crime prevention.

An application given to a callous and uncaring citizenry that are told what to do, how to think, and forced to pay for everything via automatic withdrawals from their meager bank accounts. This is the future that your average Marxist wants, and Brian Wood takes you on a terrifying ride through it. As far as Alex Murphy, he’s in hiding.

OCP made sure he could do nothing about the crimes committed by the citizenry itself. They made sure he could never interfere with their plans ever again. From here, the former cop makes it his goal to find Alex and bring him back to the legend he used to be.


If you don’t read carefully, you WILL mistake this for a pro-SJW story. This is NOT the case. It’s a case of the talking heads that are giving the information they’re force fed. The citizens have given up for the most part. The cops are no longer able to act, because there is no police force. The government is owned lock, stock and barrel by OCP. This is a bleak future book that you should show that person who thinks that Communism and government oversight is a good thing.

Wood scares you with this story that people need to read. If this is a comeback story, Brian knocks it out of the park. Read it twice to pick up every innuendo in the book. At 3.99 for the books, it’s a good read. Pick it up.

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