Rogue and Gambit One: Surprisingly Good.

Let’s be honest. If you were a fan of the X-Men in the early 90s, this was your couple. Anne Marie and Remy LeBeau were the X-Men couple. Scott and Jean Summers were okay, but too perfect. Rogue and Gambit were that Southern Fried Charm that nobody quite understood. Yet, Gen Xers and early Millennials couldn’t get enough of these two.

People will see this cover and wonder, what exactly are we going to see in this book? If you’re in the above group mentioned, you’re already expecting Gambit to be his usual playboy self. And Rogue has to reel him in every time. As much as she would love to make out with him, there is that energy stealing power to deal with. One kiss and she owns you. (At least for a time, just ask Carol Danvers when she was Ms. Marvel.)

Rogue is unashamedly a woman here, which is surprising coming from a member of the Marvel Milkshake Crew, Kelly Thompson. This story was written under the regime of Alonso. Yet, it seems that Thompson and her staff on this possible miniseries had the idea that Disney was contemplating the hammer drop. As we know, it did.

Thompson has put together a wonderfully incoherent adventure in this book, honestly. The dialogue may seem awkward to some people, unless you’ve had on again/off again relationships. I’ve had a few in my life, so the language they used here was appropriate. If you’re having to team up again or work with someone who you’ve seen naked… Imagine the amount of awkward you’re going to have with them.

The premise is smart. They’re put into a buddy cop situation. Remy and Rogue have to pose as a couple at an island resort for troubled couples. And Kitty Pryde is making sure that she and Colossus have nothing to do with that trainwreck of a mission. And both parties revealing what has happened during their times apart. (Including Rogue making out with Deadpool, of all freaks.)

And the book also plays on Gambit’s snark. Especially when he comments, “What’s the worst that could happen, chere?” Which is actually typical Gambit character. When he makes a statement like that, please feel free to roll your eyes and chuckle. For a man who plays with cards, Remy LeBeau has horrible luck.

That being said, this book will offend the diversity crowd a lot. A white heterosexual couple trying to rebuild and using a good premise to do that. Thompson knows she’s under the gun with C.B. Cebulski coming in to possibly clean up Axel Alonso’s messes. And with her primary book, Hawkeye, being shelved… This may be a do or die time for her job at Marvel.

Bleeding Cool has tried to talk about Gambit and his “toxic masculinity” on display, but they’re finding that other writers are praising the books. And the other thing that’s glaring in the face of Bleeding Cool…

Enough said on the above. Go give Kelly some money. This may give her incentive to move away from the Milkshake agenda.

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