Rogue & Gambit 2 Gives Me Hope for Marvel…

I figured I would go into this book moaning about the fact that Kelly Thompson managed to pull the wool over our eyes. I thought I would be doing a review about a very bad book number two. I almost thought we should pull out the pitchforks on C.B. Cebulski and ask him what’s happening. TBIC has too much to do in his time. But, Kelly Thompson isn’t a problem for him, either. In fact, she’s pulled a Chip Zdarsky one-eighty.

If you’re wondering what that means, it’s simple. Chip went from the most dunked on writer to one of the most lauded. Kelly took loads of heat for her Kate Bishop Hawkeye series. With Rogue & Gambit, though, she’s moved the story along much smoother. If you read issue one and wondered what the hell that ending was about? Issue two explains all.

They were taken for evaluation by the seemingly innocuous Dr. Grand. However, not all is what it seems on this lover’s paradise island. Both X-Men let out their dirty laundry in a hell of a show in front of the good doctor. If you already know their history, that’s a lot of complaints and grievances from these two Southerners.

Kelly did manage to do something in this book that is sadly rare in modern big two comics. She pulled out the emotional issues that both are suffering from. On top of that, there’s plenty of action to be had in this short read. They trade verbal barbs, and they also trade loving quips. This is the Rogue and Gambit that Gen Xers grew up with.

This series also does something that hasn’t been done in a while, either. We have a new big bad: Lavish. It seems this purple hooded woman is in charge of all of the shenanigans on Paradiso Island. It also seems she knows exactly how they operate. Which leaves us with some fundamental questions at the end of this book.

  1. Who the hell is Lavish?
  2. How does she know who Remy and Anne are?
  3. What the heck is her end game?
  4. What the hell are the “patients” connected to?

Hopefully, Kelly and her staff answer these questions before we see issue five hit stores. This has been a good series, so far. If Kelly doesn’t run out of steam with this run, this could be a make series for her. Of course, we still have three books to go.

Grab this book. Give Kelly incentive to keep writing like this.

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