On the quest to find weird books, I managed to find a complete gem of a book. It’s a book that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, it’s a book that picks on itself tremendously from start to finish. The premise of a UN/Interpol agent that is a follower of the Sikh faith. The gentle and ferocious warrior race of the Northern Indian region known as Punjab. But don’t let the turban and the Bollywood antics fool you, either. It’s a book that you should read and pick up on from start to finish. Let’s talk about Super Sikh from Rosarium.

The Writers

Eileen Kaur Alden and Supreet Singh Machanda are the writers. In fact, here’s something interesting about the writers… Look at their “middle” names. Kaur is the name used by Sikh women. Singh is the name used by Sikh men. As many a great writer says, write what you know. Both writers use that wicked Sikh sense of humor in this book. There’s a great many in-jokes between the campy dialogue. In fact, both writers end up throwing out many jokes.

There’s the jokes about the Taliban. There’s jokes about Indian culture. There’s jokes about the front job for the aforementioned Super Sikh. There’s even references about other comics in this book. Both writers are having a good time with this book. And it shows in the book they write. To be blunt, I wouldn’t mind going to dinner with this pair. Even if it’s vegetarian fare…

The Artist

Amit Tayal is quite talented, to be honest. It’s not Big Two tier art, don’t fool yourself. However, Amit is probably one of the better independent artists with panels, covers and shading. The art is pretty good tier for what it is. There isn’t any noticeable deformities on the people in the panels. The shading is excellent for what it is. And it’s pretty fun art in the action sequences. I have no complaints at all about it, honestly.

The Story

Deep Singh is a United Nations special agent who hunts terrorists in his region of Punjab. He’s a bit of the Bollywood style of hero. He’s got those smooth moves that you see in those movies. Of course, he also keeps that turban wrapped up nice and tight. He’s a 24/7 machine without much sleep.

He’s been hunting the Taliban for as long as he’s been an agent. When he finally gets his big bad, he ends up getting a well needed vacation. Everything seems to go to plan, until he ends up on his vacation. And then, he experiences a very hilarious version of what the world seems to think of America. As he runs into ignorant security and ignorant SJWs alike.

Singh finds out that America isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but that doesn’t matter to him. He’s off to Memphis, Tennessee. He’s going to Graceland. And nobody’s stopping him.

The Grade

It’s a solid A- book. Go ahead and spend 1.99 on ComiXology for it. If you can order it for your pull, do that as well. It’s a solid, non-serious independent book that deserves the love.

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