Ta-Nehisi Coates Gets Schooled by Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West is many things. He’s been: a civil rights activist, a professor, an educator, sometimes unrepentant racist. One thing I cannot call Dr. West: stupid. I will gladly admit that if I were ever to have to debate Dr. West, I would go ahead and kiss his ass. My Bachelor’s degree against his PhD means that I’m headed into an intellectual war against a man who’s already constructed an academic nuclear weapon. Too bad nobody told Ta-Nehisi Coates that he was going into a lion’s pit against West.

You’ll have idiotic rags like Salon proclaim this as a pointless feud and that West didn’t win. Sit down, Salon. West did win this battle because Coates went into this battle and had to bring a friend. He still left Twitter like a bitch in the end. And the fact that we saw a hanger-on step in…

Come on, Jelani. Let’s get real. Cornel is mad because you folks are not listening to the big picture that you claim to listen to with your own community. And in fact, let me go ahead and refer everyone reading to what caused this entire kerfluffle to begin with.

Again, Dr. West and I aren’t going to have dinner together. I despise a lot of his statements towards non-blacks and his Democratic Socialist stance. I can also respect the man when he puts the microscope towards the race baiters and people that are making something out of nothing. I despise the message, but I respect the man for being educated and courageous enough to put his ass on the line. Which is more than I can say for Ta-Nehisi.

And I can also show you the exact moment where Ta-Nehisi realized his battle was lost.

You saw that correctly. Richard B. Spencer co-signing something from someone who he normally derides on a daily basis. The doctor may not be your cup of tea, but the fact that Mr. Alt-Right is in agreement with him on a mutual intellectual enemy. That’s as close to earth shattering as it gets. And the end result?

He did what every ANTIFA member did when they’re forced into the limelight without their masks. He ran. And before anyone from the left attacks me for saying that. Go ahead and try to find him on Twitter. Go on. No, he’s safe in his mighty brownstone. And you’re out there fighting a useless battle against an ideology you don’t like. And you’re armed with an ideology that you can’t even make coherent for the average American.

This is why Dr. West will defeat all of you in intellectual battle every time. Bet on it.

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