Tanya Gersh and the SPLC vs. Andrew Anglin

If anyone ever wanted to imagine how drastic things can become in trolling, look no further than Tanya Gersh and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s current lawsuit. If you want to go ahead and look back at The Wacky Self Loathing White Nationalists to get up to speed about the preface, feel free. If you recall, I did mention Andrew Anglin going after someone who went near Richard B. Spencer’s family? Well, this is where it starts.

It started off with a conversation that Ms. Gersh had with the mother of Spencer about selling off her properties. With this in mind, Anglin sent his troll army to attack. And attack they did, Ms. Gersh, her 12 year old son, and her husband were exposed to the anonymous feeding frenzy of a young, yet influential site. Anglin had organized enough of a troll attack that he almost felt emboldened. This would not be he final move, either.

Daily Stormer Whitefish Poster
Whitefish Event, documented by the SPLC

As seen by this picture, it would get far uglier than anyone could imagine. Going from an anonymous internet hate machine, there was the actual promise that members of the Alt-Right and White Nationalists would appear in her Montana town to show their own brand of support to Richard B. Spencer. Yet, the call from Anglin to bring hell on earth fell a bit flat in actual time. Nobody went to the town in large droves to go after the Jewish populace. The bad thing is, nobody had to even go. The calls, memes, and visual threats were more than enough.

Tanya Gersh admits that she hasn’t been able to live a normal life since that campaign. With this, the SPLC sent a suit to the U.S. District Court in Missoula, Montana. The current law that is being enforced under the suit is the Montana Anti-Intimidation Act. For you legal eagles, Title 27, Chapter 1, Part 15. Which is a civil action, at its core, but something like the troll campaign is covered under this act. There’s only been one huge hitch to their entire lawsuit.

Nobody has truly been able to find Andrew Anglin.

You read that link right. Nobody has truly been able to find the most notorious loudmouth of the Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right movement. A man who posts online almost daily about how to kill people that aren’t purely white. (Like yours truly.) Yet, nobody has been able to truly tack down where the hell he even is. Which makes you wonder this. If you can’t find him, how does he raise money?

Well, don’t wonder too long.

Using the power of WeSearchr, Anglin was able to amass 150,000 dollars for his legal fund. And his website also collects as much money as it can. Yet, the elusive neo-nazi always remained one step ahead of his opponents. And that’s the Herculean effort that the SPLC has had to confront with their various contacts and agents at their disposal. Although, the current disavowed status over their standing as a watchdog group has crippled their efforts more than they let on.

The group was left with no real alternative but the practical one. They knew Anglin lived in Ohio as a matter of public record. And federal laws, as a rule, do allow a lawsuit to proceed forth after six weeks of announcement in a public setting or pamphlet. Or, the local paper will do, as well. And it did work. Quite well, in fact.

With this in mind, Anglin has been on the run in a virtual sense. After Charlottesville, the Daily Stormer saw itself thrown off of webhosting and name engines. Yet, in the worlds of the Highwaymen…

The Road Goes on Forever, And The Party Never Ends…

We don’t know the exact outcome of what will happen to Anglin, but this is known. His attempt to motion for a dismissal of the trial will probably be struck down with prejudice. Something that Anglin should be used to…

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