The Brave and the Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman #2

A six-issue mini series, The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman is written and drawn by Liam Sharpe, a regular for DC and for the current Wonder Woman series, for which he illustrates; working along side is Romulo Fajarado Jr. whom provides his work as a colorist. With a God murdered, it is up to Wonder Woman to call for the aide of Batman, the world’s greatest detective to solve the murder. What follows is a fantasy tale with an Irish flair, with dazzling art from cover to cover that will suck you in right in. Let’s take a closer look.


The mystical realm of Tir Na Nog is in crisis. With the death of King Elatha, the leadership of the realm and to maintain the piece, but with mounting pressure, must call upon the aide of Batman to help solve this investigation. The same Batman whoever narrowly escaped mind games and illusions of the invisible spirits that have invaded the Irish Quarter of Gotham. The scene where the citizens seem to be in a trance like state.

The writing is a bit wordy at times, however with the nature of the story, it feels natural. As well, it doesn’t hurt that the pacing and flow of the writing, which natural and well done. Sharpe seems to have a good understanding of the Wonder Woman character, and it appears that Tom King has given him pointers and direction for Batman. It’s not the typical hero story, but the deep lore is what really pushes it.


The art is, if you dislike the more wordy dialogue of the book, is what will most likely draw you. Both the first issue and now the second are absolutely stunning and well detailed. My favorite is the Irish/ Celtic flair that is given to the borders, intricate in design and adding to the charm that this book has. My only gripe is that Batman can look odd at times in the art style, a little too “roided” out to some extent, other wise the book is a wonderful blend of quality for this small mini series.


Coming in at $3.99, The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman is a fantastic series as of so far, with excellent art and a story that is rather unusual in it’s approach. It should be on your pull if you are interested in a good fantasy story and appreciate the good art of Sharpe.


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