The Commentary Rules


Rules for commenting.

  1. Try awfully hard not to be a dick or a complete bitch.
  2. Everyone in this world has differing opinions, get used to it.
  3. All comments are moderated for content and trolling.
  4. Trolling will be dealt with by removal.
  5. Excessive trolling will be dealt with by temporary bans.
  6. God Emperor trolling will be dealt with by permanent banning.
  7. For fuck’s sake, be original with comments. Don’t parrot like fucking Breitbart.
  8. LIEberal, Dimmicrat, Dummicrat, Pedocrat, Pervocrat, etc. are pedantic and boring. Stop it.
  9. Repuglican, Pervpublican, CONservative, Grand Old Pedos, Gay Old Pricks, etc. are also boring.
  10. If we see any of the above, get used to missing comments. Be adults, dammit.
  11. We don’t care what your political stance is here.
  12. No, we really don’t care. If we’re wrong, respectfully disagree.
  13. James is a libertarian, he gives zero fucks about what you think of him.
  14. David is a moderate liberal, he also gives zero fucks about what you think of him.
  15. Insulting us with any items that you can find on /pol/ will earn you a free mocking.
  16. We deal with dangerous ideas and ideologies. You’re NOT supposed to like it all.
  17. And if you feel like you can contribute or do better. There’s a contact form to audition.
  18. Final Thought: This is discourse, not a dick, don’t take it too hard.