The Danger Haired Elephant in the Room at Games Done Quick

When it comes to gaming, I have little to no interest in speedrunning a game. To be fair, I’m a collector type in a game. I have to go and hit every single corner of that game for things. If I can’t get 100 percent in a game in a leisurely fashion, I usually try to move on to the next game. I honestly haven’t played any games in the last year or so due to commitments. However, the same thing comes up every time I hear about Games Done Quick: Convergence.

Sad Weeb and Metokur provide the topic. The main problem that every other gamer is having with GDQ is the convergence. To preface, I have many transgendered friends on both sides of their spectrum. A lot of psychology has been spent trying to actively figure out what someone wants to be transgendered. However, there’s a special sect of proudly mentally ill people that pose as transgendered. And yes, there is a difference.

A transgendered person wants to transition to whatever sex they feel they are. They acknowledge they may have mental issues with their physical self. The average transgendered person isn’t like the charade at GDQ. They are far from it. And in fact, if you want to get some coverage and hindsight on what is going on at GDQ, you might want to gird your loins and visit a Farm.

The main person that place covers is someone who goes by ProtoMagicalGirl (fka Littledrummerboy/Littledrummergirl). Alexis Ross is a Male to Female Transgender (as far as I know) speedrunner known for only one thing. She’s managed to converge into GDQ and destroy the former culture. Former participants have found themselves banned by technicalities or ethics violations. Other runners from other countries have declined to participate due to the toxicity of what Alexis has fostered.

Alexis is the one on the right with the bow in her hair. Also, danger hair. The universal sign of the wild American Social Justice Woman. The hair so unnatural, only your undertaker knows for sure. Which, I’m not even going to bother covering Janet in a nutshell. Again, pay a visit to a Farm and see for yourself their files and compositions. The Internet Scientists there are far smarter and more amoral than I’ll ever be.

As you can see to Alexis’ left, there is another MtF participant in their talk. Which again, you do you. Just keep your virtue signaling out of everyone’s hobbies. Because every event isn’t a prime target for muh issues! Events are gatherings of people that want to go there, have fun, hang out, and then go home. They don’t need a lesson on intersectionality. Nor do they want it.

She’s brought upon a rot in the hobby that’s almost irreversible at this point. Most of the audience has attempted to fight back every time she appears on screen, only to see:

Every time their sequences appear on Twitch streaming, the comments are conveniently disabled. Shut down the discourse and banter, because Janet’s feelings trump over speech. You don’t get it both ways. You can speak, but so can the guy who is going to misgender and mislabel you. Misgendering is NOT murder. It’s being an asshole.

Words do not kill people. Mental illness within people kills people. And GDQ is allowing untreated mental illness to run rampant and converge on their once flourishing charity model. SJWs always double down, and they do it in grand fashion.

And in five years, you’ll come back and ask me: What’s Games Done Quick?

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