The Democratic Party is in the RED

While everyone on the Republican and Independent side were applauding the President for an excellent bully pulpit at the State of the Union, the Democrats are taking many hits. They were caught in many quotable moments for being anti-American during key points in the speech. Their reply speech was also deemed as pathetic, as Joseph Kennedy III looked as dazed and incoherent as his great-uncle, Teddy Kennedy. As is shown lately, the country is slowly figuring out that Hegelian leftism is failing badly.

The right is looking at this as a huge victory. They should. Trump made his opponents wear egg and now they have to scramble for the next ten months to regain the standing they imagined they had. The Democratic National Committee also used the hype of the SOTU to try to hide their monthly filing. Yet, they forget that there’s always a watchdog.

Before you think I’m biased, look at it from the actual website link: The Federal Election Commission DNC Filing. The item they list by itself is that the Democratic National Convention is $6.1 million in debt. Everyone on the #resist camp will try to say that more people are directly funding these days. Or, that the Koch Brothers and Wall Street have more muscle on the fundraising side. And before you think it’s smoke and mirrors, have a Democratic National Committee General Page from January to November 2017. They were already $2 Million in debt at the end of November.

This is coming from the GOP Rapid Response Director himself, Michael Ahrens. He is a bit of a schmuck at times, but he’s also a straight shooter. Here is the general page for the GOP: Republican National Committee 2017 for January to November 2017. It seems like the GOP is a little bit better with money, doesn’t it? In fact, the Democratic Party can be explained in a quote, easily.

“The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”
— Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013

If only people in the Democratic Party that are still remaining knew how true that is. When Classic Liberals are tired of the antics of diversity in failed politics, the money will run out. There’s only so many Soros ghosts to go around. And Tom Steyer is pulling out because the party isn’t far left enough for his likes. With bad publicity and a slacker base in the Millenials, November is too far away for them to worry about reclaiming seats.

They have to reclaim their money first. Time to pay up, SJWs.

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