The Demon and the Rocker

It’s been confirmed by the Medical Examiner in Los Angeles. Tom Petty is the latest victim, of many, to this curse of opioid dependence. Instead of condemnation, I offer sad words and sympathy. Opioid addiction is proven to kill 116 people a day. That’s a number we need to end.

The specter of opioid addiction is something that this nation is seemingly ready to attack. It’s also a nation that doesn’t want the solution in their backyard. To be honest, the best way to cure the specter of addiction is treating more than one thing. You have to treat the mental addiction to the drug. You also have to treat the underlying physical reason for it.

Tom was known to have emphysema, arteriosclerosis, knee issues, and a hip fracture. He did try to perform with these conditions to the best of his ability. And you can’t fault a man who’s performed for his adult life. He’s been a road warrior, as much as he’s been known for addiction issues. To take care of this pain, I’ll give the quote from the Malibu Patch:

He had been taking Fentanyl (including acetylfentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl), oxycodone and generic Xanax. Other medications included generic Restoril (a sleep aid) and generic Celexa (which treats depression), the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said.

If Fentanyl looks familiar, Prince fans are currently retching when they see it. It’s the same prescription that took his life nearly two years ago. Which will prove something else… Addiction doesn’t have a preference for race. Addiction is addiction. Rich or poor. Black or white. Addiction is addiction.

I think once this shutdown mess stops, the government does need to look at opioids seriously. But unlike what the Democrats are proposing, we don’t throw ridiculous amounts of money at the problem. The Republicans tried that with Just Say No. I’ll be honest when I say that I learned more how to make drugs from that useless program than how to say no.

You need to empower the police with the right tools. I will agree with the people on the left, however. You don’t give them broad powers to go nuts. Just give them the means to enforce drug laws that make sense. And for heaven’s sake, Jeff Sessions, lay off the potheads. They’re the small potatoes.

Crack down on the pill shops that assist in doctor shopping. Give the police a way to access doctor records without completely violating HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Protection Act.) Set up better mental health treatment. Pain treatment should also be revolutionized. Make the treatments stick, period.

We’re tired of burying our heroes, and I’m sure you are too.

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