The DREAM is Over

This is going to be a slightly brief post, but aren’t most OP-EDs?

What the title is referring to is the DACA act and the recipients who call themselves “Dreamers”. The children of illegal immigrants who are born in the US to anchor them via an nationalization exemption in the Constitution. The children are allowed to stay, yes, but the parents (by law) are sent back to their point of origin. At least, until Obama passed DACA.

However, with Donald J. Trump and the Department of Justice refusing to enforce DACA… We see both sides of the aisle trying to raise up support for an amnesty act which would try to sneak in chain immigration of extended families. If passed, this would endanger the campaign promises of the President to lower immigration to 1950s levels. Which as anyone will note, we were still isolationist in those times.

Yet, the DREAM is over for one big reason. Trump hates losing. He absolutely hates being wrong. And so, with the lives of 3 million illegal aliens inside the United States… Congress will be sent into a shut down. The “Gang of Eight” Senators are admitting that they don’t think they’ll have enough support to will an amnesty that is acceptable to the citizens of the United States. And does that make the Trump Supporters any form of “racist?”

No, it does not. And for those kids, DACA is no more. And until both sides learn to debate like adults, there will be mass deportations. And there will be finger pointing. But, don’t point the finger at Number 45. He’s just cleaning up the mess of “Hope and Change.” The DREAM is over. Long live the DREAM.

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