The IDW Paradox and Hasbro

A few days ago, IDW Associate Editor David Mariotte made comments towards a section of the comic book community calling themselves #Comicsgate/#MoveTheNeedle that could be interpreted as derogatory. This has been an ongoing problem with comic book sales lately. And to a point, IDW has suffered tremendously as a result of many backlashes. The company itself is noted to have suffered a 91 percent loss in 2017.

David said the following:

The underlying problem is that David Mariotte is an ideologue of the dim kind. His twitter bio has the following words to it, that should give you a clear picture on where David stands. It’s not the stance that a normal corporate editor has. In fact, in any other business, this tomfoolery would get a person fired. But, comic books have a glaring exception to them. It has little to no oversight at all. It doesn’t even have regulations to behavior on social media, save DC Comics.

But the following is on his profile:

Which the intersectional feminist part is enough to make you dismiss him as a mere crackpot. In fact, as a nod to others on YouTube, I’ll define it for you, well at least the intersectional part.

Intersectionality is a theory which considers that the various aspects of humanity, such as class, race, sexual orientation, disability and gender, do not exist separately from each other, but are complexly interwoven, and that their relationships are essential to an understanding of the human condition. When systems of justice or other entities attempt to look at each aspect in isolation, then misconceptions may occur and essential understandings may be lost. Rather than thinking of identity as a collection of separate elements, it is better understood if the elements are thought of as “inextricably linked” with each other, and that all aspects of identity are “integral, interlocking parts of a whole”. The term was coined by the American feminist legal scholar, critical race theorist, and civil rights advocate Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, but the original concept was developed by sociologist Beatrice Potter Webb in 1913.

If that sounds like a lot of word salad, it really is. But that’s not the part about David that should worry you. The part you should read is this:

Editing Transformers, Sonic, other Hasbro books.

If you’ve seen reviews of the Transformers books, including mine… David hasn’t been doing a very good job on them. In fact, the Transformers books have been nothing short of terrible. He’s also allowed the terrible writer, Magdalene Vissagio, ruin two Hasbro names in one shot with Transformers vs. Visionaires. If this is Hasbro’s idea of good marketing, no wonder they’re not on the greatest footing right now.

With Wizards of the Coast attacking anyone standing with The Quartering and his anti-pedophile campaign, Hasbro has a slight swelling under their eye. David Mariotte and his grandstanding could turn that into a black eye. To have someone overseeing the editorial staff to declining quality books for a major toy company, this is usually inexcusable in a normal company.

As such, people on the #MoveTheNeedle side have found a number for you. If you want to politely let Hasbro know what you think of the IDW situation, please call their customer service line at (800) 408-0052. (Edit: (800) 255-5516 is their corporate offices. H/T to That Umbrella Guy.)

The operator deserves your respect if you do call and complain. They’re just the person in the middle, so act accordingly.

If Hasbro doesn’t see what their associates are doing, they could lose more sales on the whole. And in the world of business, losing sales causes people to lose their jobs. Which people like David Mariotte could give a damn about, because the signal is more important than the capital.

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