The Kilroy Massacre

Well, I never thought David and I would see this day. The day of the skeptics burning down. However, let’s start with a quiz. What do you get when you put Dave Cullen, Based Mama, Sister Danger and various other insufferable skeptics that make you want to shoot your screen? They call it KILLROY. And so far it’s turning out to be a real killjoy.

So, before I get into the meat of why this is funny, I’ll put it in the lap of another James. Actually, Jim is his name. Take it away, Mr. Metokur:

Now that you’re done masturbating to the over the hill breasts of Based Mama and Jim’s dulcet tones. Let’s get to the meat of the matter, shall we? Killroy Event was meant to be a free speech convention that’s anything other than that.

Oh boy… Now we’re getting somewhere bad. As you see in Jim’s stream, Based Mama has been caught talking out of her neck. In fact, take out Based Alaska and blame it on overbooking…

Oh, gotcha. You folks got the okey-doke, didn’t you? Baked Alaska was used for his followers. Then, Based Mama and her big breast committee end up taking him off after they get their money for crowdfunding. Sounds a bit like a scam. Also sounds like you skeptics are also getting the same tactics as the SJWs that you rail and bemoan. It makes you wonder why Jeffrey Tucker says that Skeptics/Alt-Right and SJWs/ANTIFAs are on the same coin.

And everyone in the skeptic community was involved in the Kraut and Tea kerfuffle should have the dirt on their hands. Remember what other Alt-Righters say about women ruining everything? Imagine the chaos that occurs as people like Sargon of Akkad, Styxhexenhammer666 and Andy Warsky pull out. Based Mama also admitted that she doesn’t agree with the Alt-Right. Bet most of you feel a bit stupid don’t you.

Just remember, kids. You’re not getting what you pay for. If the fights happen, though. We’ll call that extra. Either way, David and I refused to sign up or even go. If the event even happens…

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