The Return of Rich Johnston’s Libelous Writing.

When you thought Rich Johnston and Bleeding Cool couldn’t get much worse, Rich proves us all wrong. Most people haven’t been keeping up with the controversy on Twitter with Ethan van Sciver, because most normal people stay off Twitter. If you are on there, you have seen the hack job by Kieran Schiach and his crew. It was a spectacular show of screeching unrivaled by Attack of the Body Snatchers.

Rich Johnston, never one to back away from virtue signaling, produces another masterpiece to be argued in a court of law. The law it could be argued under is libel and should be argued. Rich used various screenshots from his friends in the leftist Facebook groups that you can’t see.

He also interviewed a fringe player, Darryl Ayo, who claims that EVS has attacked him for months. We know EVS occasionally slips up in his temper. However, harassment of a minority isn’t in his playbook. And various minority figures have come to his defense.

For Rich, though, this is an attempt for him and Avatar Press to show they have actual muscle in the industry. The truth is, they have none to speak of. Avatar Press is a publisher lucky to chart on the Diamond Top 500 on a good day. He’s also a known sycophant of the Social Justice philosophy. If you care to go through his pieces, he’s got quite a lot of them.

Rich also refused to show Darryl using the old Göbbels tactic of telling a lie:

If you tell a lie enough times, 50 percent of the people will start to believe it.

How progressive of you, Rich. You’re using a tactic perfected by the Minister of Propaganda of the now phantom group you claim to hate. At least, Göbbels made it convincing when he did it. It was his main job.

Your job is to report on the comics that come across your desk. However, as much as I disagree with Vox Day, he is right on many things about you people. You are the most disingenuous group of writers on the internet. You should take a seat and let actual critics without an agenda do the job you fail to do daily.

Most of these sites: CBR, Bleeding Cool, Comicosity, The Mary Sue, et al. They try to rebrand themselves as an entertainment review site. This is conveniently done to avoid being called upon to do their jobs. It also gives them carte blanche to throw in their skewed politics and years of Gender Studies courses to amount to something. (Realistic notion, Gender Studies courses are useless.)

Rich, what you and Bleeding Cool (and the other sites do) is Yellow Journalism. It was rightfully called that by a Republican. Someone that’s on Mount Rushmore. I’m sure you want that place blasted down, too. His name was Theodore Roosevelt. The Bull Moose. An alpha male.

And yellow journalism was invented by a rich white man, William Randolph Hearst. He employed the tactic against another rich white man you may have heard of, Joseph Pulitzer. There is a reason it’s called the Pulitzer Prize and not the Hearst Prize. Not like you’re getting near the Pulitzer, though.

We know how you Social Justice types love appropriation from successful men. So, it makes sense. You borrow an old idea from the past while spitting in its face. Like this article, you talk out of both sides of your mouth.

In short, don’t give them hits. I used the archive link for their story, too. Fuck Bleeding Cool. Fuck Rich Johnston. Fuck Kieran Sciach. And to hell with Social Justice.

It’s not a real concept. Trust me.

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